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Food Fantasy Fondness Guide

Updated on August 10, 2018

What is Fondness

Food Fantasy is a fun new game available in the app store with A lot of different features in the game. One of the features and one that is easy to miss is fondness. When your food souls get levels to their fondness they get more of their lore unlocked as you unlock more of your contract with them. They also receive small percentage boosts to certain stats depending on the type of food soul.

Below you will read about how to raise fondness, what each new level of contract grants you in stat boosts, and an entire list of the food souls and their favorite foods in the bottom.

How to Raise Fondness

There are two ways in Food Fantasy to level up your food soul's fondness. You can either fight with them in any combat (does not count when sweeping), or you can feed them from the souls menu.

When feeding your food souls each soul has a favorite food, these foods are marked with a star and you will receive more fondness for feeding them their favorites, there will also be stars next to their favorite exquisite recipes. The amount of fondness you receive from each kind of dish will be listed below.

Normal Dishes-+2 Fondness

Exquisite Dishes-+6 Fondness

Favorite Dishes-+6 Fondness

Favorite Exquisite dishes-+10 Fondness

Contract Bonuses

You get extra contracts when you improve your fondness which also improves the stats of your food souls. After your first contract you get another plate available for feeding allowing you to give your food souls 5 extra recipes a day. The last plate is only unlocked by membership bonuses.

Below is the list of contracts and what bonuses you receive.

-Integrated contract (Lvl 2) 200 fondness

Defense souls-+2% HP

Support souls-+2% HP

Magic souls-+2% ATK

Strength souls-+2% ATK

-Pure White Contract (Lvl 3) 550 Fondness (+350)

Defense souls-+2% HP +2% DEF

Support souls-+2%ATK +2% HP

Magic souls-+2% ATK +2% CRIT

Strength Souls-+2% ATK +2% HP

-Real Contract (Lvl 4) 1050 Fondness (+500)

Defense souls-+2% HP +2% DEF +2% ATK

Support souls-+2% ATK +2% HP +2% ATK SPD

Magic souls-+2% ATK +2% CRIT +2% CRIT DMG

Strength souls-+2% ATK +2% HP +2% CRIT

-Divine Contract (Lvl 6) 2650 Fondness (+900)

Requires a magic ink item

Defense souls-+10% HP +10% DEF +10% ATK

Support souls-+10% ATK +10% HP +10% DEF

Magic souls-+10% ATK +10% HP +10% DEF

Strength souls-+10% ATK +10% HP +10% DEF

Food Souls Favorite Food List

Here you will be able to see all of the favorites for the food souls currently in the game. The souls will be assorted according to what region their favorite food comes from.


Food soul, Favorite Food

  • Dorayaki- Shogoyaki
  • Miso Soup- Grilled Pork Belly
  • Omurice- Cucumber Salad
  • Orange Juice- Smoked Salmon
  • Sakuramochi- Omurice
  • Sashimi- Baked Potatoe
  • Taiyaki- Tamagoyaki
  • Tempura- Salmon Sashimi
  • Ume Ochazuke- Boiled Lettuce
  • Jello- Grilled Corn
  • Pudding- Peanut Crisps
  • Boston Lobster- Beef Tartare
  • Double Scoop- Mango Smoothie
  • Ginger Bread- Unagi Don
  • Matcha Rice- Creamed Spinach
  • Hotdog- Chicken Skewer
  • Mango Pudding- Apples and Cream
  • Pastel De Nata- Piglet Daifuku
  • Salad- Pumpkin Muffin
  • Sanma Shioyaki- Vegetable Tempura
  • Spaghetti- Cod Fillet
  • Sukiyaki- Cold Tofu
  • Sweet Tofu- Bacon Bites
  • Vodka- Takoyaki
  • Yunman Noodles- Mushroom Yaki


  • Coffee- Cheese Bread
  • Cola- Popcorn
  • Crepe- Apple Crisps
  • Macaroon- Fruit Salad
  • Milk- Fried Rice Cake
  • Nasi Lemak- Pineapple Juice
  • Spicy Gluten- French Fries
  • Tom Yum- Roast Beef
  • Popcorn- Roast Chicken
  • Sandwich- Peanut Pie
  • Toast- Pork Burger
  • B-52- Grilled Calamari
  • Foie Gras- Mango Roll
  • Beggars Chicken- Cheesy Yam
  • Black Tea- Hotteok
  • Brownie- Minestrone
  • Chocolate- Salad
  • Escargot- Mushroom soup
  • Hamburger- Crispy Pork
  • Milk Tea- Chicken Pizza
  • Napoleon Cake- Strawberry Mousse
  • Red Wine- Fried Cod
  • Steak- Bacon Tofu
  • Tiramasu- Short Bread

Light Kingdom

  • Cold Rice Shrimp- Risotto
  • Long Bao- Stir Fried Potato
  • Plum Juice- Carrot Bread
  • Sake- Braised Pork
  • Yellow Wine- Braised Octopus
  • Zongzi- Sauteed Mushrooms
  • Hawthorne Ball- Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Pancake- Black Pepper Beef
  • Skewer- Onion Fried Rice
  • Strawberry Daifuku- Crab Hotpot
  • Bamboo Rice- Corn Pie
  • Canele- Steamed Cod
  • Crab Long Bao- Kung Pao Chicken
  • Peking Duck- Sweet Yam Buns
  • Cloud Tea- Red Bean Pudding
  • Eggete- Cucumber Stirfry
  • Gyoza- Salmon Fried Rice
  • Laba Congee- Egg Fried Rice
  • Moon Cake- Butter Bread
  • Pineapple Cake- Sauteed Lettuce
  • Salty Tofu- Bacon Fried Rice
  • Sushi- Emerald Roll
  • Tangyuan- Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Tortoise Jelly- Braised Eggplant
  • Wonton- Pumpkin Pie
  • Yogurt- Chicken Soup
  • Yuixang- Mango Pudding


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