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Football Manager 2017: Fans' Wishlist

Updated on October 2, 2016
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Kings was a former Helium freelance writer, and a devoted writer on Hubpages who loves writing about PC sports games like Football Manager.

Sports Interactive has step forward to announce the official release of the new Football Manager 2017. The game will be realised on 4th November, 2016. So far, Football Manager has been the best and most successful world-class simulation game. It proves to be more realistic, and its fans are growing everyday.

The previous version, FM16, which we are still playing now, was a big success. It surpassed its predecessor, FM15, in many ways. SI added and improved a lot of things in FM16 gameplay to make it appear more realistic. In fact, SI and SEGA deserve a lot of credits for coming this far. But there are some few things that need to be fixed, and some features that fans will like to see in the upcoming FM17.

No doubt, FM16 is a smart, sensitive, and captivating version. But I have in mind that there are still some features that I wish to see in FM17. Before, I wasn’t so sure if my thoughts and suggestions were anyway the same with what other fans think. So I decided to tour FM forums, websites, and social media to see what fans have in mind.

After reading some posts written by other fans, pouring out their thoughts and suggestions, I found out that some of what I had in mind go in hand with theirs. So I made up my mind to write about the features we (fans) would like to experience in the new game. Although there are lots of suggestions, but I will pick few of them and share. And I hope, perhaps, Sports Interactive will consider and make some adjustments while reading posts like this. However, these are what fans suggest to make FM17 better and more realistic:

An Improved 3D Match Engine

We would like to see a little improvement in the match engine. In FM16, there are some issues encountered in terms of the attacking techniques. In reality, it's almost impossible for high profile players like Messi, Aguero, and C. Ronaldo to miss one-on-one with the goalkeeper. But in FM, players usually miss such opportunities. And when it comes to taking shots from a distance, both the best and decent players usually hit the ball wide.

Fans will also like to see more technicality in the game. Players with good dribbling and technical ability don’t show it in the match engine. At least it’s not bad to display some skills like Zidane's 360, Ronaldo’s snakebite and leg over the ball, and Messi's dribbling brilliance. It will be fun and fascinating to showcase things like these in Football Manager.

Apart from attacking techniques and dribbling aspect, wingers don’t actually obey instructions given to them in FM16. I find it difficult to differentiate Wingers from Inside-forwards in the match engine - both roles do the same thing. When I instruct the wingers to run wide, take more crosses, and shoot less, they do the opposite. They always like to cut inside and shoot to score, even when the striker is in a better position to score.

Finally, the match engine should provide a mode to choose who to take a penalty when it comes during the match. This will help us select the right-minded player with confidence to take the kick. Also, addition of Pep-talks in the match engine before a penalty shootout will be appreciated.

Hiddink (right) in Chelsea vs Leicester match
Hiddink (right) in Chelsea vs Leicester match | Source

Availability of Temporary Jobs

It will be interesting if SI can provide temporary job opportunities in FM17. A club may need a temporary manager to help them neutralize an appalling situation they are in, perhaps in order to prevent relegation, before they make plans to get a permanent manager for next season. This situation happened at Chelsea in 2015, influencing them to hire Guus Hiddink to help them out for the season.

With this provision, FM fans will now have more interesting challenges to dive in. It will help one to build their managerial reputation in an admiring level.

More Improvement in Manager to Manager Interaction

Sports Interactive must be praised with what they have done so far based on Interactions in Football Manager 2016. They have improved a lot when compared to the previous series. But, still, some improvements need to be done.

We (fans) need more Interactions and relationships between managers. This will make one, as a manager, to interact with other managers privately, especially when it comes to loans and transfers. This may also enhance one to persuade or convince them to reduce their asking price, providing a better negotiation. And during preseason, one may communicate with them to know the players they want to offload. However, this will create a better chance to acquire wished players at a certain transfer budget.

Ability to Manage B-teams or Reserves

According to some fans, managing the youth teams will be preferable to them rather than managing senior teams. They wouldn’t mind working with the Reserves and developing youngsters for the senior team. I think it will be a great addition if this chance can be provided in FM17. It’s a nice feature for SI to consider.

Managers and Other Staff Development

It’s pretty cool and helpful to see the players’ developments. But what about the staff? Wouldn’t it be helpful? Sometimes I wonder why Managers, Coaches, Directors of Football, and other staff have attributes that don’t increase or fluctuate. I hardly see my attributes as a manager develop; same goes for other staff. It won’t be bad to see how other managers and staff do progress or retrogress in some certain skills when viewed on their profiles. In a way, it will be motivating too.

Ability to Use Earned Wages

Although it’s fun to demand some amount of money one wants the club to pay, and also ask for more during contract renewal. But actually, some fans no more find it motivating to ask for more money because it’s not usable; it just sits there. I do agree with them.

I think it’s not such a bad idea when, for instance, one has earned some wages and decides to manage and help a small club in purchasing players or some other facilities. This may help one to ameliorate the club in anyway possible. Besides, it will be awesome if one can put all those wages earned into use.

Installation of Background Music

As it is, Football Manager never had a background music. We just only hear mouse clicks, which doesn’t really feel lively. Most fans do agree with some beautiful songs playing but stop once a match starts, and continue when the match is over. This will make FM17 more lively if put in place.

Ability to Customize the Kits

Actually, in real sense, the game is called Football Manager and not Football Customizer. But it will be really fun if SI can provide a way for their fans to customize the club kits for next season. At least it won’t be weird if they only allow Away Kits to be customized.

As a fan, your free to add your own personal features you will love to see in the upcoming FM17 in the comment box below. Who knows? Sport Interactive may be listening. CHEERS!!


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    • Kingsley Iyoke profile image

      Kings 8 months ago

      I agree with you, karm. I wish SI would add that

    • profile image

      karm 8 months ago

      A live commentary will be awesome

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