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For The Love Of A Prim

Updated on July 23, 2015

I began making primitive dolls as a hobby about a year ago. Then just out of curiosity I wanted to see if I could sell one. To my surprise I immediately sold the first one I had created on e-bay and the rest they say is history. The only problem was parting with them. During the creative process I developed an emotional attachment. Kind of like a mother and child thing. I was hooked. But business was business so I forged ahead creating each one with fearlessness hoping my heart would stay in its place. But suddenly I realized something. It was my heart that gave each prim its character and its substance. It was my love for the prims that made them precious in the creative process. And even if I sold them, I realized I was passing that love on to someone else. So for the love of a prim I will continue to sew them and pass their love on to others.

My first handmade prim...Tess
My first handmade prim...Tess

In the beginning there was...Tess

Dear wonderful Tess is gone now. I sold her to a lovely lady on e-bay. Tess was yearning for a warmer climate and got her wish when she was purchased. I bundled her up and sent her out west to a warmer climate. I recall when I was sewing her on those cold winter days in New England a slight sadness about her. In my imagination her character was an orphan in need of a loving home. To my delight when I advertised her that way, the woman who purchased her developed a loving feeling for her. An e-mail she sent me genuinely conveyed that sentiment. So now every prim I create has a history behind them. They become real and more precious somehow. I will always love and forever miss Tess.



Rose was named by a dear friend of mine. The name suits her quite well because of her love for flowers. Rumor has it she was born on a bed of roses with her siblings. She being the oldest cared for them after their mother strayed off when winter season was approaching. She has made quite a name for herself in the cat community. She is widely known for her loving care of stray cats and even an occasional mouse at times.

Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie is dressed and ready for her first day of school in Prim County. The other prim children at her school wait to meet and greet her eagerly. They know her parents own the candy shop in town and wide eyed prims are drooling. But Sweetie Pie is clever and can't be used for a sweet. Those who prove to be her true friends will be the only partakers of her parents sweet shop.

Erastus Crow
Erastus Crow

Erastus Crow

A sad king can no longer rule his kingdom well. So he sent a message out throughout the land in the hopes of finding a court jester. Many applied for the coveted position but no one could make the king laugh until Erastus Crow appeared before the court. It must have been that silly argyle hat.

The Duchess
The Duchess

The Duchess

The Duchess is known for her somewhat undesirable past. She was married at one time to the Duke of Catnip until her scandalous rendezvous with the king! Shocking!



Toby loves to hunt for mice at night and secretly lets them go when dawn arrives. His heart is kind and his bowl is full of cat food. The teeny mice are quite grateful as well.

Miss Kitty Demure
Miss Kitty Demure

Miss Kitty Demure

Miss Kitty Demure longs to travel to Paris. Her tiny cat toes seek the latest Paris shoes. She also wonders if her true cat love is waiting for her there. She is a hopeless romantic who waits impatiently....but is it for the shoes or her true love? Watch out French Felines!


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    • profile image

      Mike P. 

      3 years ago

      Love those Prims.....I have to, I live with them....


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