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For a little princess

Updated on March 16, 2011

Slide show of princess stuff

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In the power of being a GRAMA

I have six grand daughters and one daughter.

My little girl loved to dress up like a princess or a fairy with a wand. I think she was even SKATING dressed up in a  princess dress, because she wanted to feel lovely. She was lovely anyway, but I allowed her the skating. I had made a dress for her of pure thick silk. It had been a dress once but I cut it and sew it into a girls dress with length, nice sleaves and laces.

For a little girl to dress up like a fairy, princess or mermaid, it is an adventure in life.

The dresses I have posted here are washable. All the extra items too like the gloves, the slip and even the wall stickers are. Go ahead and let your child or grand child experiance how it is to live dressed like a prinsess, sleep like a princess and even go to the princess bathroom...=)

The dresses Fits girls size 3-5 and is 32" long from shoulder to ankle

It may seem to too many "princess" items. I agree that you cannot fill the little girl-room with all these things. Just try to visulize how happy she will be for a few things!

These little rugs have a great price for how good quality they are! They are so soft! It's nice to put your bare feet on these soft rugs when getting out of the shower.

Made from 100 percent nylon

The Disney caracters and Barby girls

All my grand daughters know everything about Snow white, Airel, Barbie and Cinderella. They are just around 5 years of age when they even know what dresses goes with which princess. My goodness what an impact they have on little girls around the world.

i do not nessecarily say that it is a must, but I recommend that you at least give them a little corner in their room to fix with their princess stuff. A castle can be put on the wall with the help of a sticker. A home for the dolls can be under a chair or built from a box. The young ones can with their inner eyes see the beauty in a make-believe castle. That is one of the wonders with children.

One of my girls is watching a movie like these that follows before she go to bed. Just to calm down and relax.

Do you know a little princess?

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    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      I loved playing dress up as a little girl. The tiara would have put me over the top!