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Forest Guardians Walkthrough

Updated on May 17, 2013
Forest Guardians is copyrighted by Par and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Forest Guardians is copyrighted by Par and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Great Tree needs a-savin', and you're just the forest critter to do it. Time to get to work, tower defense style! Prepare for a massive campaign against some vicious, vicious meanies!

The Great Tree

Level 1

The tutorial level is very straightforward. You have one build spot, and the game more or less directs you to all of your decisions. The only one you can make yourself is which ECO colours you'll use on your Tree. Whatever you choose will kill the bad guys without loss of Seedlings.

Level 2

The stakes are a bit higher here, but not by a whole lot. You have more flower build points, and you have access to all of the towers. Use more Trees to set up a small defensive wall somewhere along the line. Make sure you use either dark blue or orange to eat through the armour of the incoming bad guys.

Level 3

Flying enemies? How atrocious. You can either use one of the towers that doubles up on ground and flying or set up two different towers, such as a Tree or a Cloud, which will cover both bases. Either way, make sure you have a tower ready which can chew through armour, as a boss will meander through during the last wave. Burning damage with orange ECOs is great, as it will linger if he manages to get out of range.

Zea's Grasslands

Level 4

Orange ECOs are out in this level, so you'll have to make do with dark blue. Set up Grass at the intersection of the two paths on the left side of the level and upgrade it with a bunch of red and dark blue ECOs. It will be more than enough to kill everything that wanders through.

Level 5

Yellow ECOs are lacking here, and the enemies have ever-stronger armour. Set up a Flower on the first bend in the path and upgrade it consistently with red and dark blue ECOs to face everything this area has to offer.

Level 6

Still no yellow ECOs? Boo. The level is a big spiral towards the seedlings, and in most places your towers will get two chances to attack the enemy. Set up your towers right near the entrance, one for ground and one for air. A single, powerful tower won't be enough to handle the number of enemies coming through here.

Level 7

Now the light blue ECOs are out of action, but it's no big deal. Set up two Grass Towers on the northern bend and they'll handle everything that comes through. One isn't quite enough to take out the streams that come through.

Level 8

The final stage in Zea's Grasslands features a large number of enemies, and you can't get away with a single tower anymore. Red ECOs are out, so use dark blue, orange and a smattering of purple to slow down and defeat your foes, installing them in a mixture of Grass and Island Towers. Dark blue is especially important, as there are a long of enemies with armour scores. A boss with mounting speed will show up during the last wave; your purple ECOs are especially important for bringing it down.

Fawndor's Garden

Level 9

Your first dip into Fawndor's Garden strips you of orange and dark blue - bad news for taking out armoured enemies. You'll have to compensate with overwhelming force, and that means green. Mix green with red in two or three towers (preferably two, as you'll get stronger towers overall) set on the bottom-left corner of the course. They won't have much trouble beating off enemies. Don't worry about the enemies that go south immediately after entering the course - they'll turn back after hitting a tree and return to the normal path.

Level 10

More of your ECO is stolen away, but it's no big deal this time. Set up two Island Towers on the second curve of the path as it turns south. Properly upgraded they'll obliterate anything that comes by. Feel free to set up other towers elsewhere, particularly near the spawn point, but don't spread out too much. There are a lot of high-armour enemies in this level, and you need a lot of dark blue power invested into your Islands.

Level 11

This level is a bit strange in that there's a shortcut to the seedlings the enemies could take… but they usually won't. Nevertheless, you'll want to guard this small stretch of land more than anywhere else. Set one tower on the left side of the path and one on the right. Island Towers are advisable, though an Island and Grass combo can work as well.

Level 12

This level boasts a new enemy, the Recon, which will absorb damage like nothing you've encountered before. Island Towers are by far your best bet. Set up two on the first twist in the path and they'll have ample opportunity to annihilate the opposition.

Level 13

You're on a simple, twisted path in this level. The only major tip for most of the waves is to avoid orange ECOs, as there are enemies which will absorb fire damage. Island and Grass Towers are wisest. The boss that comprises the final wave has a massive amount of armour which will have to be stripped away before you can do substantial damage; stack your towers with dark blue ECOs before it shows up. More towers is better on this course than a few stronger towers.

Ancient City Outskirts

Level 14

The difficulty level suddenly jumps up when you hit level 14. You need two towers, buffed up as much as you can, to beat this level: a Tree Tower and a Cloud Tower. Stack both of them with an abundance of dark blue and green ECOs, and use the Piercing Faery when necessary to eat through high armour stats. The last wave in particular has some rather powerful aerial units that will give you some trouble.

Level 15

Two spawn points? Sounds like trouble, but it's really not that bad. Set up a Grass Tower on the stretch of land between the two paths, not far from the seedlings. Set up a Cloud Tower on the right path leading to the seedlings. Most of your strength should go to buffing the Grass Tower, as it will be able to hit both sides, though don't neglect the Cloud Tower. A lot of strong flying units come from the east, and you want your tower to be able to at least weaken them.

Level 16

In this level you'll have to defend a loop to the seedlings via a central island. Your best bet is to set up an Island Tower on the middle flower and increase its range as much as you can with yellow ECOs. Put another tower of your choice nearby, preferably one that can hit flying and ground enemies alike, to help with sapping armour. The enemies will reach the seedlings often, but with this setup and some teleporting they shouldn't be able to steal any.

Level 17

This stage features a big loop around a section of trees, and all of your defensive emplacements need to go on or around the island in the north. Start by setting up a Tree Island on the island and tricking it out with your strongest ECOs, then set up a Cloud Tower beside it. So long as you keep an eye on what's coming up next you should have no trouble upgrading appropriately.

Level 18

This is a tricky course. You have but a single corridor for planting towers, and there are a lot of enemies to defeat. Though their rate of fire is low, Island Towers are your best bet here. Outfit them with a strong combination of purple and dark blue ECOs, and set them down on virtually every space on the map. They'll be individually weaker as a result, but because enemies won't be within their range for long you'll have to spread out the damage. Slowing them will help your towers get the most out of each volley.


Level 19

Two paths meet and become one in level 19, and it's this corridor towards the seedlings that you have to defend. For the best results, set up two Tree Towers and one Cloud Tower, beefing them up in equal proportions (though the Cloud Tower should get a bit of a boost above the others, as the airborne units coming through are pretty tough). It's difficult to stop the baddies from at least snagging the seedlings, if not making it all the way back to their spawn points, so prepare for lots of teleporting to maintain a seven seedling count.

Level 20

A giant spiral towards your seedlings, this level is much easier than it looks. Plant a single Island Tower on one of the two flowers directly north or south of the seedlings and upgrade its range with every point you earn. Enough yellow ECOs will allow its fire to hit virtually every enemy that comes through before they can get anywhere with your seedlings. If you're nervous about infiltration, wait until your tower has an attack strength of roughly 90, then make another in the opposite spot and continue the upgrading process.

Level 21

You can treat this level basically the same as the last. Set up your Island Tower on one of the spots beside the seedlings. Despite how the paths look, the enemies will take the long way around, giving a tower loaded down with yellow ECOs ample opportunity to blow them away. Given the layout, it's much more important to set up a second tower, so build one to cover the northeastern entrance onto the map.

Level 22

Another tricky map, this, and you can't use the same ranged tricky because yellow ECOs are blocked. The course consists of a big loop towards the seedlings - yet despite how it looks at first, the apparent exit on the right side of the loop is actually a second spawning point that will occasionally bring in more enemies. To accommodate them all, set up a Cloud Tower between the two paths in the south, Tree Towers a bit further up the path on both sides, and other towers along the course as you see fit. The Cloud Tower will take out anything that flies while everything else (preferably Trees, but it's up to you) takes on the ground units. Show more favour to the left path as far as upgrades go, but do not neglect the right! Enemies show up here at inopportune times, and given how short the course is for these guys you need to be able to kill quickly.

Level 23

Two paths meeting in one spot? Sounds familiar. Level 23 isn't too bad so long as you split up your ground and air defences. Start by flanking the seedlings on both sides with Tree Towers. These are your primary defences, and should usually get upgraded first. The next flower spot north on both sides of the map should have a Cloud Tower. These won't be used quite as often, but neither should be neglected. There are bosses to face at the end of this level, but if you upgrade your Tree Towers steadily they will not survive long.

Level 24

You're getting close to the end, and the levels will only get more difficult as you go along… but not this time. Level 24 is incredibly simple. There are two paths that join into one, and at the intersection of these paths are three places to set up towers. Place two Grass Towers on these spots (three if you really feel like it) and pump them up with dark blue ECOs. Properly upgraded, nothing will get through.

Level 25

Still not that difficult? Apparently not. Level 25 features a long, curving, single path lined with some prime flower spots you can easily take advantage of. Set up two Tree Towers on one side and at least one Cloud Tower on the other. Upgrade with dark blue ECOs that have been a bit buffed out with upgrades and you'll have no trouble trouncing this level. Use the pincer point with flowers close together on both sides, right at the bend, for maximum effect.

Level 26

Okay, so, about that difficulty level… yeah, this one's not that hard either, though it's a bit trickier than the last two. This time the path loops up, around, and down to the seedlings, and there are a fair number of enemies on the way. You need Trees to muster up enough rapid firepower to bring them all down; two should do. You'll also want two Clouds, as the flying enemies are far more substantial than usual. This is especially true when the boss meanders in at the end and is supported by a full cadre of healers. If you have money left over, you may want to build one last Cloud Tower back near the spawn point to catch anybody who manages to slip through.

Level 27

This is it. The finale to end all finales. The big bad himself has shown up to take you on; best you not disappoint. The majority of the level is like any other, with a swirling path that makes its way to a central point. Post two Tree Towers on the edges of the path into the inner circle where the seedlings are located, and a Cloud Tree bolstered by yellow ECOs on the inside. Add more defences as you see fit. Make sure all of them are capable of piercing armour, because the eventual boss that shows up has brutally high armour and will require a lot of hitting…

… assuming, of course, that something doesn't go wrong. This might just be a personal problem, but I played this level three times, and each time the final boss glitched and remained by the spawn point. Fortunately, you can set up a Cloud Tower nearby, bolster its range and armour-piercing, and hit the boss while it's sitting stationary. Piece of cake.

Yaya! Forest Guardians complete! Sit back and enjoy the ending… and then set out to snag all of those upgrade stars!



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