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Play Fort Apache! Toys for Boys (or Girls!)

Updated on September 26, 2014
This is what the chalk board in our garage looked like for years...
This is what the chalk board in our garage looked like for years...

Did you know that "Fort Apache" is a metaphorical term for a site under siege? Source: Wikipedia. My youngest brother wrote the words, "Fort Apache" on a chalk board in our garage many years ago. For about ten years, nobody touched that chalk board - so the words, "Fort Apache" are imprinted on my soul as being the essence of little boy play.

There's an EZ fort, but any tent would do!

Just My Opinion, But Every Child Needs a Tent

What's more fun than a playhouse in the backyard? That may be an ambitious thought for today's young working parents who are struggling to pay bills and take good care of the kids. However a tent is not expensive and will provide a summer of fun and an oasis of privacy. It can be a place to call one's own, a sanctuary outside of a busy house, or a place to store outdoor toys.

What else would a boy need to play Fort Apache?

Boys are great at using their imaginations to play Fort Apache, but what could we give them to get their imaginations working overtime? What have I forgotten?

If you have any great ideas for toys or other items to add to this list, please leave a comment! Well, leave a comment anyway, but... if you have ideas for things to add to this page, let me know! (Thanks!)

I intentionally left weapons off the list. Yes, there are still toy guns being sold. I'm sure the boys would do just as well with a stick for a sword or rifle, if they feel the need.


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