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Fortnite: The Game That’ll Take Over the Entire World

Updated on March 29, 2018

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Fortnite started off as a normal co-op sandbox survival game that was developed by Epic Games. On the 25th of July 2017, it was released as a paid-for early access game for Windows, MacOS, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.
Things are about to change for the game in 2018 as a full free-to-play release is coming soon for console, PC and… Mobile.

That’s right, soon you’ll be able to play Fortnite anywhere.

For those of us completely clueless as to what Fortnite is about...

Fortnite takes place in a contemporary Earth setting, where a worldwide storm as wiped out 98% of the world’s population. Zombie-like creatures then appeared to attack the remainder of the population.
As a player, your goal is to survive by building fortifications, collecting resources to do so and, of course, survive the sudden onset of killer zombies.
The game is pretty crafty to say the least, as you’ll need to think creatively to survive the waves of zombies out to kill you. You can set traps, build your own weapons and construct buildings.
With the rewards you get from completing objectives you can upgrade your character, teams and weapon/trap schematics to take on more difficult missions.
But, as with anything main-stream, the game supports microtransactions to purchase in-game currency for upgrades.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Trailer

What makes this game perfect for becoming a worldwide phenomenon?

The simple answer? Accessibility. You see, not everyone can afford a monster of a gaming PC or even the latest consoles, but everyone has access to a smartphone. As time will move on, people will be able to buy high-end smartphones at affordable prices.
If games like Fortnite: Battle Royale start flooding the app stores, everyone will be able to get a taste of the world of gaming.

In fact, once Fortnite: Battle Royale is released for mobile, everyone will be able to play together regardless of which system you have.

So how will it work?

According to the details released by Epic Games, mobile players will be able to play the game using on-screen controls. Although, if the game supports it, you might find it better to use a smartphone mounted controller much like this one:

Hopefully Fortnite: Battle Royale will have some way to avoid the mishap Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is currently experiencing…
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a similar game that recently made a mobile version in the hopes of beating Fortinite: Battle Royale to the punch. However, crafty tech wizards found a way to improve their accuracy infinitely by pairing a keyboard and mouse to their mobiles using a program called Bluestacks. It is essentially an android emulator for PC.
This is essentially killing the game now because of regular players struggling to keep up with keyboard and mouse cheaters.
Then there’s the rumours that PUBG mobile may just be full of bots…

When will it be released?

Although Fortnite: Battle Royale is coming to mobile, it’s a bit more complicated.
The iOS rendition of the game is available to play, but for now, Epic Games is only sending out invitations to people who put themselves on the waiting list.
If you would like to apply and have an Apple device running on iOS 11, use the following link:

Android users can follow the same link to get notified once their operating systems is supported, but sadly, it’ll be here in a few months time.
It’s actually quite understandable, though. They’re still in the process of building their servers, and they can only handle a certain amount of players as the construction continues. Let’s hope that they’ll have enough servers then, because there’s a lot of gamers itching to play this game on their mobiles.

Things to do while we wait:

Did you know that Civilization VI, a game released just about a year ago, has been ported to iOS?
By “ported” I mean that the entire game has been crammed into an app and released on the App Store!
But be warned: the game drives the device’s hardware to the absolute limits, there’s no way to get the DLC’s onto the mobile version of the game (yet) and the price for it on the App Store is a little ambitious according to mobile gaming standards.

Not looking to burn out your device? Why not try a classic video game port, then?
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a Playstation 2 staple in its hey-day, and now it has come to mobile for our nostalgic pleasure. It’s not nearly as expensive as Civilization VI, and it’s available on iOS and Android. Think about it: you could take place in an epic police chase while visiting the loo.

Nintendo’s take on mobile gaming started off a little dismal with the release of Super Mario Run a while ago, but now they’ve returned with a vengeance.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is so addictive it’ll make you forget about the existence of real life. As usual, you make your own character, build a camp, chat, fish… Then realize you’ve been playing the game for three hours already.

Last but not least, for the ultimate gaming fan, there’s emulators.
An emulator is a program that can mimic the characteristics of a video-game console and allow the user to play its games. However, some emulators require you to download the console’s BIOS online, which isn’t really a problem. But, legally, you must own the console to have access to its BIOS files.
(Do whatever you like, it’s your conscious!)
For a while, emulators have been limited to PC users only, but recently someone thought of making an app for that, ultimately enabling you to play your favorite childhood games on the go.

You’ll need to choose an emulator on the app store, install it and then download your game of choice from the internet. The only way to play the games you want, is to download their .bin files or ROMs, as they are known. Note that the game sizes increase dramatically as you move from older to newer consoles, so keeping a few on your mobile isn’t recommended. Rather store them on your computer so as to not clog up your mobile’s memory.

As for Fortnite: Battle Royale taking over the world, it’ll take time to see it in action, but the wait is sure to be worth it.


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