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Four Enjoyable Classic CD-Rom Games

Updated on January 6, 2017

There are many people who enjoy playing video games on their computer. They enjoy the competition, losing themselves in a fantasy realm, and spending time figuring out ways to win. There are four such games that will be featured in this article.

Each of the game were the original version. No sequels here, no part II's. We're going straight to the source to give you the classics.

Settlers of Catan (2005)

The first featured game is Settlers of Catan. They made a CD-Rom version of the popular board game that is just as addicting. In the computer game, you have the option to play against 1-3 computer players, with varying levels of difficulty depending if you are an expert of novice.

For those who have not played the board game, Catan is played to ten points. You get a single point for building a settlement, two for a city. You get points for the longest road, largest army, and single points for owning certain bonus cards. In order to buy cards or build settlements and cities, you have to get certain resources by rolling a two dice. If you have a settlement on a border of one of the numbers of the board, you collect the resource of that space.

See an example of playing the game below...

Risk (1995)

Risk is a CD game from 1995 that you need to use Windows 95 to play. So you have to play with your computer settings a bit to be able to use the CD. It is totally worth it though.

For all Risk fans, you know that you can play with up to six players. You get countries and you try to dominate the globe. You get armies and can trade in for new armies at the beginning of the next turn to try and dominate your neighbors. The more countries you have, the stronger you are.

What makes the CD version so amazing is that they have the globe option, but also have Europe, Asia, and North America options where those continents are broken down into the smaller countries than the globe areas. For example, Asia has one hundred and eighty different countries.

You also get to do manual selections of picking countries and placing armies, so you can really strategize on how to blitzkrieg your competition.

Diablo (1996)

Diablo is a fantasy game where you, the adventurer, must travel down into the Earth to discover what happened to the lost Prince. Things escalate to darker and more devious levels until you confront Diablo himself and 'free' the Prince.

There are magic weapons and you can play as a sorcerer, warrior, or rogue. There is an above ground town with different characters who give you smaller missions and aid you with healing, armor/weapon repair, and knowledge.

Diablo can be played as a multiplayer game or alone. But either way, prepare to set aside a lot of time. You're going to need it.

Diablo I Screenshot


Age of Empires I (1997)

This one is a classic in world domination. You have multiple options to play, different scenarios. You can play with up to seven different computer players, paired with one or more, or on your own. You can play for time or to dominate the entire world. You can play starting on all land, some coastal, some large or small islands.

You also have workers and then different military personnel. You can build sentry towers, walls, and employ priests to convert enemy forces. It's a truly entertaining game and takes a long time to play if you're going to win.

This classic game sold over three million units in its first three years in existence.

Age of Empires I Screenshot


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