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Four Fun Ideas for Wrapping Paper

Updated on August 13, 2012

Unless you are Martha Stewart, you probably don’t have your own wrapping paper room. By the time you find the perfect gift and get it home, you might realize that you forgot to grab a roll. Before you drag yourself to the store for another roll of paper that will just get lost around your house, look for things around your home that you can use in place of wrapping paper.

Wallpaper Scraps

Remember those scraps of wallpaper you had left over after re-papering the bathroom or hallway? Don’t toss the paper into the trash, but rather keep it on hand for future gifts. You can mix and match different patterns for a completely unique look, or you can use one piece of wallpaper to wrap the entire gift. You can even use wallpaper samples that you used when picking out the perfect choice for your home to wrap gifts.

Wrap It in Clothes

That old tee shirt that’s gathering dust in your closet is the perfect vessel for gifts. You can use almost any type of clothing to wrap the present, including clothing you purchase specifically for the occasion. You might wrap the gift in a few different ways. One way involves sliding the gift inside the shirt and wrapping two pieces of ribbon around either end, creating a tightly rolled gift. Another option is to fold the shirt around the gift and tape it place, just like you would with wrapping paper.

Kids’ Drawings

If you have kids, ask them to create a few pieces of new artwork to wrap a gift. You can have the kids use their ordinary drawing paper, or you can purchase a roll of brown craft paper. All you need to do is cut off a piece large enough to wrap the gift, give your kids a selection of art supplies, and let them go crazy. It’s a great way to wrap gifts that go to aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other loved ones.

When All Else Fails

When all else fails, reach for those old newspapers sitting in the recycling bin or taking up space in your home. You can even use the glossy pages of your favorite magazines, though you’ll need to glue or tape the pieces together to make a sheet large enough to wrap the gift. Not only will you save money on wrapping paper, but you’ll feel better knowing that you gave those old newspapers and magazines a second chance at life.


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