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Four Games for Children's Parties

Updated on April 30, 2018

Four Games for Children's Parties

If you are going to organize a party with preschool children, it is preferable to keep them entertained with some group activity. They will have a great time and they will share good moments, so it will be very useful to keep in mind these four games for children's parties.

It is convenient to have a large space such as a terrace, a garden or a large room, but any of them can be played inside a house. Besides, there are many games to play together like kitchen fun, art desk activities, family senior outdoor parties etc.

Here I'm going to propose five games for children. It might be you played those games sometimes as children.

1) Statues

It's very popular game. When children come to play this game, you have to put music so that they can dance. When stopping the music, they all have to remain still as statues. Those who move will be removed. And it is repeated again and again until there is only one child and he will be the winner.

2) Surprise!

You have to create the form of a ball made with newspaper. A candy is wrapped with a leaf and so the ball is formed by always placing a treat with each leaf and fixing it with zeal.

To play the game, you have to sit the children in a round, put on music and let them pass the ball. When the music stops, the child with the ball in his hands has to remove a layer and find the candy. The game is repeated several times until the ball falls apart. The duration of the game will depend on the layers of the ball.

You can leave it at the end (so you have to put it at the beginning when we prepare the ball) a special gift that the winning child will keep.

3) The game of chairs

It is a well-known game and children (and adults) love it. It is good for a small group unless you have many chairs and lots of space at home.

You have to place a group of chairs (one less than the number of participants) forming a circle with the backs inwards. Children have to walk around the circle of chairs to the rhythm of the music. When the music stops, each child must run to sit on a chair and whoever stands will be eliminated. Thus, it is repeated until there are two children and a chair. The winner will be the one who gets to sit in the last round.

The game of chairs is recommended for children of four, five or six years as it has a certain level of competitiveness that younger children may not understand.

4) The shoe from behind

It is also a classic with several versions (very similar to the rotten egg). A run is made sitting.

One of the children will remove the shoe (you can also use any other object) and go around the circle while the others close their eyes and sing:

The circling child will say a number. The rest has to count the number that he said. The one who spins will leave the shoe behind the back of one of the children in the circle. He should get up and try to catch it. He will have to run to sit in the empty place of the round.

The child who has remained standing starts again

This compilation of children's games has brought me many beautiful memories of my childhood. I hope you like them and that your children will spend endearing moments of play with their friends and family members.

© 2018 Sohel Ahmed


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