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The Scrabble Solver - Four Letter Words Ending In B

Updated on May 9, 2013

You can find here Four Letter Words Ending In B. I have prepared the list of words with short description, so let me inspire you and win Scrabble game. For Scrabble games played in North America I have checked every word in Hasbro's Official Online Scrabble Dictionary and for games played outside of North America (a rest of world) I have used Mattel's Official Online Scrabble Dictionary.

Four Letter Words Ending In B

Description of abbreviation:

US – you can use word in games played in North America

EN - you can use word in games played outside of North America

11. CARB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a carburetor

12. CHUB [11 pts] , (US, EN)

a freshwater fish

13. CLUB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

an organized group of persons

14. COBB [10 pts] , (US, EN)

a sea gull

15. COMB [10 pts] , (US, EN)

to arrange or clean with a comb (a toothed instrument)

16. CRAB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to complain

17. CRIB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to confine closely

18. CURB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to restrain

19. DARB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

something considered extraordinary

20. DAUB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

to smear

1. BARB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to furnish with a barb - a sharp projection

2. BIBB [10 pts] , (US, EN)

a mast support

3. BLAB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to talk idly

4. BLEB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a blister

5. BLOB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to splotch

6. BLUB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to blubber

7. BOMB [10 pts] , (US, EN)

to attack with bombs

8. BOOB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to make a foolish mistake

9. BULB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

an underground bud

10. BURB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a suburb

31. FRAB [9 pts] , (EN)


32. GAMB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

a leg

33. GARB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

to clothe

34. GLIB [7 pts] , (US, EN)


35. GLOB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a rounded mass

36. GRAB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

to grasp suddenly

37. GRUB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

to dig

38. HERB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

a flowering plant with a nonwoody stem

39. IAMB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a type of metrical foot

40. JAMB [15 pts] , (US, EN)

to jam

21. DIEB [7 pts] , (EN)

an African jackal

22. DOAB [7 pts] , (EN)

an alluvial land between two converging rivers

23. DOOB [7 pts] , (EN)

a cannabis cigarette

24. DRAB [7 pts] , (US, EN)


25. DRIB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

to drip

26. DRUB [7 pts] , (US, EN)

to beat severely

27. DUMB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

incapable of speech

28. FLAB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

a flabby body tissue

29. FLUB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

to bungle

30. FORB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

an herb other than grass

Four Letter Words Ending In B – Word Stats

Most profitable words or most points you can get for following words:

JAMB [15 pts] , (US, EN) - to jam

JIBB [15 pts] , (US, EN) - to shift from side to side while sailing

ZIMB [17 pts] , (EN) - large African fly

Hub stats:

73 - Four Letter Words Ending In B

Therefrom: 59 – US and EN, 14 – only EN

51. PLEB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a commoner

52. PROB [8 pts] , (EN)

a problem

53. SCAB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to become covered with a scab

54. SIBB [8 pts] , (US, EN)


55. SLAB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

broad, flat pieces of solid material

56. SLOB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a slovenly or boorish person

57. SLUB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

to draw out and twist slightly

58. SNAB [6 pts] , (EN)

person who judges others by social rank

59. SNEB [6 pts] , (EN)

catch of a door or window

60. SNIB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

to latch

41. JIBB [15 pts] , (US, EN)

to shift from side to side while sailing

42. KEMB [12 pts] , (EN)

old word for comb - toothed implement for arranging the hair

43. KERB [10 pts] , (US, EN)

to provide with curbing

44. KNOB [10 pts] , (US, EN)

a rounded protuberance

45. KNUB [10 pts] , (EN)

a dialect word for knob - rounded projection, such as a switch on a radio

46. KRAB [10 pts] , (EN)

metal clip with a spring for attaching to a piton or belay

47. LAMB [8 pts] , (EN)

young sheep

48. LIMB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to cut off the arms or legs of

49. NIMB [8 pts] , (EN)


50. NUMB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

lacking sensation

Tip & Tricks

Meaning of abbreviations:

US – you can use word in games played in North America

EN – you can use word in games played outside of North America

71. WEMB [11 pts] , (EN)

belly, abdomen, or womb

72. WOMB [11 pts] , (US, EN)

the uterus

73. ZIMB [17 pts] , (EN)

large African fly

61. SNOB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

one who tends to avoid or rebuff those regarded as inferior

62. SNUB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

to treat with contempt or neglect

63. SORB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

to take up and hold by absorption or adsorption

64. STAB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

to pierce with a pointed weapon

65. STOB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

to stab

66. STUB [6 pts] , (US, EN)

to strike accidentally against a projecting object

67. SWAB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

to clean with a large mop

68. SWOB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

to swab

69. TOMB [8 pts] , (US, EN)

to place in a tomb - a burial vault or chamber

70. VERB [9 pts] , (US, EN)

a word used to express an act, occurrence, or mode of being

If you like my article Four Letter Words Ending With B, please share, rate or comment it. If you have some ideas to improve my hub, please feel free to contact me. I hope you will be inspired and I wish you good luck in playing Scrabble.


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