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What makes Halo Reach better than Halo 3?

Updated on August 25, 2012


Better Halo game is...

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Halo 3
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Halo Reach

What makes Halo Reach better than Halo 3?

I'm an great fan of the Halo franchise. I played the first game, Halo 3 and Reach, and like them all. This games give to the player a sense of freedom that few shooters could give. In a mission, you can choose what vehicles you will use, how will you attack... All Halo games give the player not only this sense of freedom, but lots of fun also!

Halo Reach is the newest game in Halo series. The next game, Halo 4, will arrive at the end of this year, and a question that many gamers make is: "What makes one game better than another?". By watching videos, sometimes you really don't see anything new, only better graphics.

I will list all the things that make Halo Reach, the newstest game (released in 2010), better than Halo 3, the most famous game.

Larger levels

The Halo franchise is famous because gives to you, the player, gigantic levels. Believe me, some phases in the game are so huge that you will need some vehicles to pass by them. Halo 3 already had big maps, but Reach but took it to another level. You will see this when trying the game for the first time.

Exploring all the map is funnier that looks like. You can choose the way you will took, you can become an sniper and eliminate you enemies from a distance, you can try stealing an tank and destroying some hostile ships... The possibilities are enormous!

Better graphics

Some gamers say that graphics is not reason to buy a game. I agree, but good graphics allied with a funny game is a reason. The graphical improvement in Halo Reach is remarkable, even more because Halo 3 was neve a beautiful game.

Anyway, Bungie worked hard to give the players the opportunity of seeing an most beautiful Halo game, with better physics and better particles effects. The graphics combines with the game style, wich is less realistic and more colorful and full of lights.

A more dramatic story

Halo 3 is not a game with a happy ending. All the games in the series are very dramatic, and you can see this by the soundtrack. But Reach is a more dramatic story because the good dont beats the evil in this game. Reach is the last human colony that the Covenant (the enemies in the game) have to conquer to arrive on Earth (or reach Earth, sorry the quibble). Is know to all gamers that have played the previous game that Reach will fall. It's a fight that you will not win anyway.

All the game is a countdown to the end. What could be more dramatic?

Space levels

Other Halo games don't have levels like this: in Halo Reach, you can leave the planetary surface and go to space! After some gaming time, you will get a mission that envolve taking a spaceship and going to space. It's a totally different experience in the game, a experience that none of the previous games gives to you.


Ok, previous Halo games had cooperative modes too, but the huge phases in this game allied with a good split screen coop is fun for sure. You can activate scores too, and this is a boost to competitiveness. Every enemy that you kill or hostile forces that you destroy will give to you a certain amount of points, and at the end of the phase, you can compare your score with your friends'.


Inspired by the Horde mode in Gears of War, Firefight is one of the greatest additions to Halo Reach. Here, you can connect with other players via split screen of internet and fight enemy hordes that come and get more difficult in the course of time. Bungie also added a larger numbes of enemies in the screen at the same time, so prepare youself for epic conflicts.

Some variations of Firefight are avaible. For example, you can split your team in two: Humans and Aliens, and the Aliens will help the hordes to attack you.


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    • AM Hanson profile image

      Adam M. Hanson 5 years ago from Mankato, MN

      Another thing that makes Reach better (in my opinion) is the amount of characterization. All though some may point out that it's not a big deal and you never see your character except in cut scenes, it helps you put yourself in the game. I was far more invested in seeing my character survive and succeed than I was with Master Chief. I spent hours working to get my Spartan to look exactly how I wanted, and it was far more powerful to see my own personalized helmet lying on Reach at the end.