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Francie Doll’s Style: 1970

Updated on November 6, 2017
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Teri Silver is a journalist, commercial copy writer, editor, broadcast anchor, and Public Relations Specialist.

Hair Happenin's Francie!
Hair Happenin's Francie! | Source

The new decade had begun! Francie Doll loved her “mod” clothes; she entered the 1970s with 16 new outfits and eight more that were repeated from the previous season. Francie had a couple of new hair styles — shorter flips and curls in blonde and brunette. In 1970, Mattel released a newly-coiffed Twist ‘n Turn Francie doll and two others; Hair Happenin’s Francie and Francie Doll With Growing Pretty Hair. Hair Happenin’s Francie had short blonde hair and wore a blue tricot dress with white crocheted trim at the sleeves and waist.

Francie with "Growing Pretty Hair"
Francie with "Growing Pretty Hair" | Source

Francie Doll With Growing Pretty Hair could arrange her tresses in a variety of styles — it “grew” from her head. The doll also had attachable hair pieces. Francie wore a sleeveless party dress (its metallic pink bodice was attached to a lace-covered, nylon-lined skirt). Pink pumps came with the dress.

Francie's new (and previously released) fashions fit the Hair Happenin's and Growing Pretty Hair dolls, which had the same body types. Casey and Twiggy could also wear these clothes.

Satin Happenin'
Satin Happenin' | Source
Snappy Snoozers
Snappy Snoozers | Source
Bloom Zoom
Bloom Zoom | Source
Pony Coat ... Francie lent it to Stacey, who loves to wear it with those high-laced boots!
Pony Coat ... Francie lent it to Stacey, who loves to wear it with those high-laced boots! | Source
Altogether Elegant
Altogether Elegant | Source
Striped Types
Striped Types | Source
Wedding Whirl
Wedding Whirl | Source

Francie in 1970

Satin Happenin’ (#1237, 1970-1971, 1974); strapless, rose-colored satin jumpsuit with a gathered waist and wide legs. A lace-patterned top (with satin-trimmed sleeves), hem and collar draped over the pantsuit. Hot-pink square-toed shoes completed the outfit.

Snappy Snoozers (#1238, 1970-1971, 1974); nightwear in hot pink ruffles — the pink baby doll gown had a ruffled hem and empire waist. A sheer, ruffled cover-up and white slippers (with pink decorations) came in the package.

Bloom Zoom (#1239, 1970-1971, 1974); white based, floral-colored, long-sleeved mini-dress — the empire waist allowed the skirt to flow over matching tights. Francie wore a short, orange-flocked vest (it was lined in blue vinyl). Blue buckle flats finished off the look.

Pony Coat (#1240, 1970-1971, 1974); cream-colored coat with dark-brown spotted print and green satin lining. The wide belt, collar and packets were accented with white vinyl. White pumps came with the coat.

Altogether Elegant (#1242, 1970-1971, 1974); evening wear — the sleeveless gown had a hot-pink, empire-waisted bodice attached to a satin skirt. It was covered with a sheer, lacy white overlay. Silver braiding adorned the waist and neckline. The matching jacket ... with its wide, lacy sleeves and silver braiding ... was fashioned with three silver buttons down the front. Accessories included a silver clutch purse, hot-pink shoes and short white gloves.

Striped Types (#1243, 1970-1971, 1974); a three-piece outfit in red and navy-blue. The bell-bottom pants and sleeveless, long-waisted vest were patterned with red and navy blue horizontal stripes. The turtleneck sweater's sleeves and yoke were red — the body and neckline were in navy blue. Francie wore dark-blue buckle flats with the ensemble.

Wedding Whirl (#1244, 1970-1971, 1974); the overdress was made of sheer, white fabric — its scalloped design was featured on the hem and bell sleeves. The sleeves and empire waist were tied with pale-pink ribbons. The dress, lined in white satin, featured lacy braid around the neckline. Accessories included a white tulle veil with braided headpiece, closed-toe pumps and a flower bouquet.

Francie in Snake Charmers
Francie in Snake Charmers | Source
Pretty Power
Pretty Power | Source
Sunny Slacks
Sunny Slacks | Source
Francie in Pink Power
Francie in Pink Power | Source
The Entertainer
The Entertainer | Source
Corduroy Cape
Corduroy Cape | Source

Snake Charmers (#1245, 1970-1971, 1974); “snakeskin” dress, coat and hat outfit — the dress had long yellow sleeves and a patterned skirt. An orange belt circled the empire waist. The long coat was trimmed with yellow “fur” around the neck, sleeves, hem and down the front. A matching hat, yellow hose and mid-calf boots gave Francie that “mod” look.

Pretty Power (Sears Exclusive #1512, 1970-1973); several pieces made up this set, the colors and patterns varied. Included in the package: a long-sleeved yellow shirt; white vest; horizontally-striped, multi-colored skirt; emerald-green vinyl coat with a wide collar and matching belt; floral nightwear with matching panties; sleeveless, frilly, red or white party dress with a wide gold metallic belt; petticoat; two pairs of shoes (red and yellow); soft slippers, a pair of pantyhose and a pair of stockings.

Sunny Slacks (#1761, 1970-1971); hot-pink bodysuit blouse with long sleeves and silver buttons halfway down the front. The slacks were bright-yellow with geometric designs (orange, pink and two shades of blue).

Pink Power (#1762, 1970-1971); sleeveless mini-dress in bright-pink — its tricot lining was covered with lace and ruffles. A ruffled bow accented the waist. Accessories included pink stockings and closed squared-toe shoes.

The Entertainer (#1763, 1970-1971); wide-legged coral-colored jumpsuit with ecru lace trimming on the long sleeves and pant-hems. A bow accented the waist. Francie wore the outfit with coral-colored, square-toed pumps.

Corduroy Cape (1764, 1970-1971); wide-wale corduroy hooded cape in turquoise-blue — the hood had gold bead buttons at the neck. The cape’s hem was trimmed with white or yellow “fur.” Blue boots were included in the package.

Wild Bunch
Wild Bunch | Source

Wild Bunch (#1766, 1970-1971); Francie Doll loved this “mod” ensemble in bright red-orange, yellow and fuchsia. The sleeveless knit mini-dress had an orange-red bodice and mock turtleneck that attached to the fuchsia skirt. A crocheted belt tied around the empire waist. The long-haired coat was fashioned in yellow, orange and pink “fur.” It was trimmed in orange vinyl at the hem, down the front and neckline. Accessories included short fuchsia-pink gloves, orange pantyhose, a fuchsia knit hat (with an orange vinyl bill), golden chain necklace, orange calf-high boots and a plastic camera.

Plaid Plans
Plaid Plans | Source
Waltz in Velvet
Waltz in Velvet | Source
Long On Leather
Long On Leather | Source

Plaid Plans (#1767, 1970-1971); yellow, red and white plaid pantsuit — it had various mix and match pieces, including: knit pants, mini-skirt, long-waisted vest (with red pocket flaps), long-sleeved red top (with gold buttons down the front), a plaid beret (with a green pompom in its center) and a dark-green crepe scarf. Red squared-toe shoes came in the package.

Waltz in Velvet (#1768, 1970-1971); this evening ensemble featured a long dress with short puffy sleeves — the lacy, white, empire-waisted bodice had a satin ribbon around it. The attached skirt was dark, raspberry-colored velvet. The matching short-waisted jacket featured a white “fur” collar. Francie Doll wore a long half-slip under the dress (the slip had a ruffled hem and a bow/flower accent). She carried a “fur” muff and wore white closed-toe shoes.

Long on Leather (#1769, 1970-1971); red, white and blue patterned long-sleeved blouse and matching tights — the tricot pieces were worn with a short red vinyl mini-skirt (with a thin white belt) and a long matching coat. Red knee-high boots and a long white scarf (with fringed ends) completed the outfit.

Western Wild Fashion Pak
Western Wild Fashion Pak | Source
Pancho Bravo
Pancho Bravo | Source

Fashion Paks

Six Fashion Pak ensembles were available for Francie Doll in 1970:

  • Slacks ‘n Cap; in colors of orange and yellow — the fabrics and patterns varied
  • In Step; a shoe card with pumps, ballet slippers and tennis shoes (various colors)
  • Super Shirt; long-sleeved pink body blouse with three silver bead buttons
  • Western Wild; western accessories made from cloth suede fabric. They came in separate packages of yellow (with light brown trim) and brown (with yellow trim)
  • Pancho Bravo (yes, it’s “Pancho,” not “Poncho”); over-the-head poncho cape woven in turquoise, fuchsia, dark-green and white with white fringe. The neckline was trimmed in white vinyl. Pale-pink sunglasses and dark-blue go-go boots added to the look.

Malibu Francie!
Malibu Francie! | Source

In 1971 …

Francie Doll went “Malibu” as Mattel released Barbie, Francie and their friends with “suntanned” bodies. In 1971, Francie had 16 new outfits, a gift set and all 16 ensembles that were produced in 1970. The “mod” era was still in full gear and Francie was ready for the sun. Her closet was full of the latest styles!

© Copyright by Teri Silver, 2012. All Rights Reserved


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I was never much for playing with dolls unlike many girls, but this was interesting. Thanks!