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Francie Doll’s Crazy, “Mod” Clothes: 1969

Updated on June 14, 2012
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Teri Silver is a journalist, commercial copy writer, editor, broadcast anchor, and Public Relations Specialist.

Fun-Lovin' Francie!
Fun-Lovin' Francie! | Source

The year was 1969. Francie Doll, Barbie’s “mod" cousin, was hanging out with her friends on Carnaby Street (Soho, England's hot fashion spot). Francie loved the clothes and accessories; it was so difficult to pass them up! Mattel released 16 new ensembles for Francie, Casey and Twiggy; the girls couldn’t wait to try them out! Eight outfits from 1968 were also available: Floating In (#1207), The Silver Cage (#1208), Mini Chex (#1209), Hill Riders (#1210), Tenterrific (#1211), Night Blooms (#1212), Pazam! (#1213) and Culotte-Wot? (#1214).

Something Else
Something Else | Source
Lando Ho!
Lando Ho! | Source
Tennis Time
Tennis Time | Source
Gold Rush
Gold Rush | Source
Francie in The Yellow Bit
Francie in The Yellow Bit | Source
Vested Interest
Vested Interest | Source
Snazz | Source
Snooze News
Snooze News | Source
Long on Looks
Long on Looks | Source
Sissy Suits
Sissy Suits | Source
Francie in Sugar Sheers
Francie in Sugar Sheers | Source
Merry-Go-Rounders | Source
Pink Lightning
Pink Lightning | Source
Two For The Ball
Two For The Ball | Source
Francie in Victorian Wedding
Francie in Victorian Wedding | Source
The Combination
The Combination | Source

Francie’s Fancy: 1969

Something Else (#1219, 1969-1970); the skirt was bright-yellow with three hot-pink buttons on each side of the waist. A long-sleeved bodyblouse — pink with a yellow floral pattern — fit into the skirt. The outfit came with yellow buckle flats.

Land Ho! (#1220, 1969-1970); short, reddish-orange dress that was sleeveless — it had a turquoise ribbon that accented its “sailor-style” collar. Six turquoise buttons adorned the bodice. A matching hat and buckle flats came with the dress.

Tennis Time (#1221, 1969-1970); Sleeveless, white tennis dress with matching shorts. Accessories included tennis shoes, a racquet and ball.

Gold Rush (#1222, 1969-1970); strapped dress with a gold metallic bodice that met an orange satin skirt. Gold mesh netting was attached to braid at the empire waist (the same braid was at the hem). The dress came with orange cut-out heels.

The Yellow Bit (#1223, 1969); mini “baby doll” dress of yellow with turquoise braid on the hem. Matching floral appliqués adorned short, puffy sleeves. Pale-blue hose and shoes finished the look.

Vested Interest (#1224, 1969); the dress had a long-sleeved yellow blouse attached to a knitted skirt of pink, yellow and white plaid. The crocheted vest was hot-pink (or matching plaid) with four gold buttons. Yellow cut out heels were included in the package.

Snazz (#1225, 1969); mini-dress of soft-orange and pink vertical stripes — it had elbow-length sleeves, buttons down the front and a thick pink ribbon waist-sash. Underneath the dress, Francie wore a hot-pink, bloomer-type bodysuit trimmed in orange lace. She kicked up her heels in hot-pink shoes.

Snooze News (#1226, 1969); sheer, pale-orange nightgown — it had ruffles at the bodice and hem with a bow (accented with a yellow flower) at the waist. The matching robe was ruffled at the hem and around the pockets. Accessories included soft slippers, a (cardboard) mirror, plastic comb and brush.

Long on Looks (#1227, 1969); mid-length skirt — it was dusty-pink with a floral pattern woven into the fabric and had a chartreuse satin ribbon waistband. A white blouse with frilly, gathered cuffs at the sleeves featured a “tuxedo-shirt” ruffle and three buttons on the bodice. The outfit came with a pink gathered slip, pink fishnet stockings and pink flats.

Sissy Suits (#1228, 1969); a pink twill suit — the mini-skirt had a center pleat in front, two opposite-side patch pockets (with gold buttons) and a yellow vinyl belt with a square buckle. The matching cropped box-style jacket had long raglan sleeves with white lace cuffs and three bead buttons. Francie wore a sleeveless white blouse underneath; it had lace trim and three pink buttons on the front. Pink knee-socks, bow shoes and a pink shoulder bag completed the outfit.

Sugar Sheers (#1229, 1969); short, sheer, white cotton dress with long sleeves and horizontal rows of floral printing. The dress fit over a lace-trimmed slip. Accessories included pink fishnet stockings, pink shoes, clear plastic tote bag (with lace trim), a plastic record player and “Barbie” record.

Merry-Go-Rounders (#1230, 1969); gauze outfit in wide, horizontal stripes — the sleeveless dress was chartreuse (through the dropped waist). Its gathered skirt was patterned with pink, melon-colored, light-green and light-brown stripes. The coat had satin trim at the neck and stripes that matched the bottom of the dress. A matching hat, chartreuse stockings and bow shoes completed the ensemble.

Pink Lightning (#1231, 1969-1970); hot-pink, knitted mini-jumpsuit — it was sleeveless with two small gold chains attached to the front. The vinyl coat was pink with orange trim at the cuffs, neckline and down the front — the orange continued to the bottom. A pink vinyl hat, hot-pink stockings, go-go boots and green sunglasses (with hot-pink trim) added a little flash to the look.

Two For the Ball (#1232, 1969-1970); a formal gown, this dress had a sleeveless black velvet bodice that slid into a long, pink, lacy skirt. A band of hot-pink satin circled the waist. The long pink coat, which was made of chiffon, had a black velvet waistband bow (with a pink satin rosebud) and three buttons on the bodice. A black velvet headband and pink heels came with the outfit.

Victorian Wedding (#1233, 1969-1970); lacy white bridal gown with long, sheer sleeves. The tulle veil featured a white satin headband. Accessories included a velvety bouquet and white cut-out heels.

The Combination (#1234, 1969-1970); long-sleeved, colorful, paisley-patterned top, green knit sleeveless shell, blue velveteen skirt (with an attached chain belt), curly white (faux) lamb’s fur coat with blue velveteen piping at the collar, sleeve cuffs and down the front. A matching hat, green stockings and go-go boots completed the outfit.

Hair Happenin' s Francie!
Hair Happenin' s Francie! | Source

And Into 1970 ….

More colors, more patterns, more style. Francie added 16 new outfits to her wardrobe as well as a Sears department store exclusive. Mattel released two new Francie doll models: Hair-Happenin’s Francie and Francie Growin’ Pretty Hair. With new hairstyles and new clothes, Francie Doll would enter the ‘70s in style!

© Copyright by Teri Silver, 2012. All Rights Reserved


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