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Francie Doll’s Mod Wardrobe: 1968

Updated on November 3, 2017
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Teri Silver is a journalist, commercial copy writer, editor, broadcast anchor, and Public Relations Specialist.

It was 1968 and the world was on fire – politics, cars, music and fashion! Francie Doll, Barbie’s mod, mod cousin, wore mini-skirts, maxi-skirts and a lot of funky, brightly-colored patterns. Carnaby Street (in the Soho district of London, England) inspired fashions worn by young women all over the world. In 1968, Francie had some new clothes and a new friend, Twiggy! Mattel released Twiggy Doll like the real-life model, Twiggy – who wore the same sized clothes as Francie and Casey. Francie and her friends wore 13 new outfits, ensembles reproduced from previous seasons, Fashion Pak accessories and clothing separates.

Floating In
Floating In | Source
Francie in Silver Cage
Francie in Silver Cage | Source
Mini-Chex | Source
Tenterrific | Source
Pazam! | Source

Francie Doll Clothes: 1968

Floating-In, (#1207, 1968-1960); sheer sleeveless dress with stripes in pink, yellow, white and dark blue. A pink ruffled hem fell just above the knees. The sewn-in slip was made of white nylon. Short pink gloves and pink shoes came with the dress.

The Silver Cage (#1208, 1968-1969); sleeveless hot-pink mini-dress with an oversheath of metallic silver fishnet. Matching pink and silver fishnet hose, a silver clutch purse and pink shoes completed the outfit.

Mini-Chex (#1209, 1968-1969); sleeveless orange and yellow-checkered, cotton dress with an orange nylon waist belt. Yellow and orange vertical striped knee-socks, a tangerine-colored shoulder bag (it matched the sash) and darker orange shoes gave the ensemble a funky look.

Hill Riders (#1210, 1968-1969); stretch pants with horizontal stripes of pink, purple, white and mint-green. The pants were worn with a matching green sweater and green ankle boots.

Tenterrific (#1211, 1968-1969); sleeveless cotton “tent” dress and matching headscarf in a multi-colored, light-greenish floral print. Matching lacy tights, a white tote bag with green grosgrain straps and lime-green shoes completed the set.

Night Blooms (#1212, 1968-1969); light-pink sleeveless nightgown with lacy white trim, patterned with large aqua and bright-pink flowers. A sheer, pink hem accented the robe, which had white lace at the neck and sleeve cuffs. Soft pink slippers (with white lace uppers) came with the nightgown.

Pazam! (#1213, 1968-1969); lime-green culottes with large pink and yellow spots. Francie wore a clear vinyl raincoat with colored shapes over the outfit. Accessories included a lime-green two-piece swimsuit, pink braid with a gold clip and green ribbon, a Francie hanger and green heeled shoes.

Culotte-Wot | Source
The Combo
The Combo | Source
The Lace Pace
The Lace Pace | Source
Dreamy Wedding
Dreamy Wedding | Source
Wild 'n Wooly
Wild 'n Wooly | Source


Culotte-Wot? (#1214, 1968-1969); mini-skirted culottes in hot-pink with white satin trim. The outfit included a white satin wide-brimmed hat, white fishnet hose, knee-high hot-pink boots and green-lens sunglasses with white frames.

The Combo (#1215, 1968); Francie wore a hot-pink and royal-blue horizontally-striped skirt with a sleeveless shell ... it had a wide pink band and vertical blue stripes. A matching coat of hot-pink and royal-blue zipper-like checks was lined in hot-pink nylon. The outfit came with bright-pink lace-patterned hose, a hot-pink scarf with lighter pink fringe and pink shoes.

The Lace Pace (#1216, 1968); sheer, lacy gold lamé dress with white floral pattern over pink satin bands and pink straps. The matching coat had a textured lamé bodice, pink satin bottom with white lace covering and a large pink bow. White hose and low pink heels completed the outfit.

Dreamy Wedding (#1217, 1968); straight-lined white satin gown with a white overdress embroidered in a floral pattern. The veil was made of white tulle on a metal band and adorned with a bow. The outfit came with white heeled shoes and a bouquet wrapped in lace.

Wild 'n Wooly (#1218, 1968); Francie Doll wore this multi-colored yarn-trimmed skirt (orange, pink, white and black) over a sleeveless, orange satin bodysuit. The bodysuit had three tiers of pink lace trimming. A coat that matched the skirt was made of yarn and vinyl. Accessories included either an orange shoulder bag or clutch purse and orange shoes.

Orange Zip (#1548, 1968); produced for Sears department stores, this outfit was an orange vinyl skirt attached to a sleeveless cotton top (patterned with wide stripes of orange, yellow and blue). The matching orange vinyl coat had a long zipper running down the front. Orange ankle boots completed the look.

Twiggy! (the real one ...)
Twiggy! (the real one ...)
Twiggy-Do's | Source
Twiggy Turnouts
Twiggy Turnouts | Source
Twigster | Source
Twiggy Gear
Twiggy Gear | Source

Twiggy Stuff: 1968

While the famed fashion model Twiggy was hot on the runways of the late 1960s, Twiggy Doll was hot on the toy market. Mattel released these ensembles in 1968; they were made for Twiggy, but Francie and Casey could wear them too!

Twiggy Do’s (#1721, 1968); sleeveless yellow ribbed-knit straight-lined dress with yellow and green horizontal stripes on the skirt. Accessories included yellow knee-socks, yellow low-heeled flats, yellow plastic shoulder bag on a chain and a long strand of beads.

Twiggy Turnouts (#1726, 1968); one-piece dress made of a metallic thread (lurex). It had multi-colored vertical stripes of green, yellow, white and orange. The bodice was attached to a silver metallic skirt that featured a wide silver foil belt at the waist. The outfit came with silver boots and either a green or multi-colored swimsuit.

Twigster (#1727, 1968); sleeveless knit dress in orange and yellow – the checkered bodice was attached to the horizontally-striped skirt. Accessories included a checkered scarf, orange make-up bag and shoes, pink comb, hairbrush, mirror and powder puff. An eyebrow pencil and eyelash brush completed the set.

Twiggy Gear (#1728, 1968); sleeveless, multi-colored, horizontally-striped top in hot-pink, white and blue. The top was attached to white vinyl slacks. A black plastic belt circled the waist. A pink floppy hat with blue ties, royal-blue flats and a plastic camera came with the outfit.

Cool It
Cool It | Source
Slightly Summery
Slightly Summery | Source

Francie and Casey’s Fashion Pak Items: 1968

Cool It; a yellow shift with thin straps, white and black checkered trim and front pockets. Corked sandals with either white or yellow grosgrain straps.

Get-Readies; white half-slip with a floral pattern, matching bra and panties. Fuzzy bathroom scale and hot-pink open-toed shoes.

Hair-Dos; add-on hair braids, headbands, ribbons, clips, brush and comb, pink hair curlers.

Foot-Notes: shoes of various colors including heels, flats, ankle and high-top boots.

Slightly Summery; a selection of sleeveless cotton dresses with pleated skirts and floral or butterfly-patterned tops with pink ribbon sashes. The colors and patterns varied.

Mod, Mod Francie!
Mod, Mod Francie! | Source

More to Come …

There were more mod, mod outfits to come for Francie and her friends in 1969 and beyond … mini-skirts, maxi-dresses, casuals, formals and accessories all in wild patterns and color, color, color!

© Copyright by Teri Silver, 2012. All Rights Reserved


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