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Free Bluetooth Games Available On The Internet

Updated on October 22, 2011

Bluetooth is now a common feature in today's mobile phones, but remains largely underused. This is perhaps due to the dearth of built-in Bluetooth applications in phones or because of a perception that this technology is for contact and file transfer only. However, using third party applications, users can easily do a lot more. One can even play games over their Bluetooth-enabled handset. Lets discover some Bluetooth-enabled games that are available for free on the internet.

Game: AAChess

Size: 105 KB

License: Freeware


Chess remains one of the most popular board games, and AAChess adds more fun to the game by enabling two users to compete head-to-head over Bluetooth connection. Start the game on both the players' phones. The main menu will appear. Select New Game. Three menu items will be displayed; select the third one captioned ‘Keyboard'. When this menu item is selected, right and left arrow icons will appear at its edges. Press right or left button (or equivalently use joy-stick on phone) to change ‘Keyboard' to ‘Bluetooth.'

This menu determines the play mode for the game. When Bluetooth is selected, another menu item will appear just below, captioned ‘Client' with icons of arrows at its edges. On the first phone, keep this menu item as Client and on the other, change it to ‘Server'. This sets up one phone to act as server and other as client as in obvious client-server scenario. Select the Play option using the left soft key on both the handsets. The client phone will display ‘Waiting' on the screen while the server will display a Search option. Select this using the left soft key and after a few seconds; the server will display the address of the client device (although device name would have been a better option here). Press the middle selection button of the phone to select the client device and press Yes at Bluetooth connectivity confirmation prompt. At this point, both the phones will get connected and chess board will be displayed with server getting the white side and client getting the black.

The gameplay is very straightforward: use arrow keys (or joy stick) to first select a piece to move, and then select destination box. You can select and drop the piece using the middle selection button. One good option, considering the fast paced world users might find themselves in, is Save and Exit. A game can be left in the middle and restored afterwards. This functionality captures the true sense of porting a time-intensive game over a time-saving device. For chess lovers, AAChess is a great way to enjoy the evergreen strategy game against human opponents rather than having to play only against game's artificial intelligence engine - and that too without having to arrange a physical board.

Game: Tik Tak Tooth

Size: 32 KB

License: Open Source


This is a simple tic-tac-toe game. The first menu screen is jargon-infested but one can easily map out the technique of using client and server. From first handset, select Run RFCOMM Server, and from the second, select Run RFCOMM Client. The client handset will list the devices discovered in vicinity. Select the name of the server handset so that the application searches for presence of game running in server-mode. A numeric code will be displayed when the search is successful. Select that number and wait for the devices to get connected with each other. Server device will get the first turn -mentioned by caption ‘You!' below the 3x3 game grid. Simultaneously, the client device screen will show the same grid but with caption ‘Not you!' which means it is the other player's turn. You can mark a box using numeric keys similar to a PC numpad instead of phone's arrow keys or joystick which is a little surprising. Number five (‘5') is used to put the mark (X or O) in place, whereas numbers horizontally and vertically adjacent to five are used as directional keys for box selection.

Game: Blue Pong

Size: 27 KB

License: Open Source


This is a simple pong game with no scoring, but just an emphasis on fun where two people try to hit a ball using vertically sliding bats at the right and left edges of their device screens. The first menu will ask if the user wants to start the game in client or in a server mode (no jargons this time). As expected, select server in the first handset and client in the other. The client will go in inquiry mode and list discovered devices. Select the one that is running the server and wait for connection to be made. Once the connection is in place, the game will begin - the server will get the left-side bat and the client will get the right-side one. These bats can be moved up and down using numeric keys two (‘2') and eight (‘8') to hit the ball that bounces continuously off the screen walls continuously.

The cell phone requirement was these games is any Java and Bluetooth-enabled low-end set.

The last two games reviewed are sample applications developed over Marge framework. Those interested in developing Bluetooth applications for mobile phones may check out and download Marge which simplifies development process by providing a higher level of abstraction to the existing Java programming required to create Bluetooth-enabled applications. Source code of the sample applications is also available over the Marge site.


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      10 years ago

      Here is the Complete collection of free bluetooth games.

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      10 years ago

      I haven't played any bluetooth games so far.


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