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Free Christmas Games Cup Stack Attack

Updated on November 1, 2017

Christmas Cup Stack Attack

Play some fun Christmas party games using plastic cups
Play some fun Christmas party games using plastic cups | Source

Get Ready To Play Some Funny Christmas Games

If you are looking for a fun and easy game to play at Christmas, you've found it. It's called Christmas Cup Stack Attack or The Christmas Cup Tower game.

The object of the game is to build a pyramid out of a stack of plastic or paper cups. Once you have built the pyramid you must disassemble it and re-stack the cups into one pile...just like they were when you started the game.

What's the big deal? This game sounds so easy doesn't it...well, you will be playing against another player who will be trying to do the exact same thing. You will also be playing against the clock. You have 1 minute to achieve your goal.

Keep it up until everyone of your guests has had a turn. It's a lot of laughs a minute. It can be frustrating and a bit stressful to try and erect a pyramid. Just when you think you are done, your pyramid could collapse!

Play Cup Stack Attack This Christmas

Fun Cup Stack Attack Game
Fun Cup Stack Attack Game | Source

What You Need To Play Christmas Cup Stack Attack

To play this Christmas Stack Attack game you will need:

  • A Table
  • 72 Plastic Cups (36 for each player)
  • A Timer

Red Solo Cups Work Well

are an easy to find Cup Stack Attack game prop
are an easy to find Cup Stack Attack game prop | Source

How To Play Christmas Cup Stack Attack

The cups are placed inside each other. The single stack has 36 cups in it. Each player gets 1 single stack of cups. The players must form a pyramid shape using all the cups. When they have completed their pyramid, they must re-stack the cups into a single stack...just like they started with.

This Christmas game is so easy, what's the catch? The catch is you have to complete this task in 1 minute. 60 seconds. Still sound easy? Well, it's a lot of fun and your party guests are going to enjoy playing and watching others play.

In this world of "Let's record everything" you can film each contestant and play the videos at the end of the game. This way everyone who participated gets to watch themselves playing. Twice the fun, twice the laughter!

Christmas Cup Stack Attack Props

72 Cups
A Table
A Timer
You only need a few simple props and a timer to play this fun game

Cup Stack Attack Christmas Game

Cup Stack Attack Recap you've got your cups, a table to stack on, and a timer to time the challenge.

Game Rules:

  • Each player starts off with a single stack of 36 cups
  • Each player must build a pyramid using all the cups
  • Each player must disassemble the pyramid and re-stack the cups into a single stack.
  • The player who completes this challenge in 1 minuter or under, wins.

Give your guests a Santa Hat to wear when they play Christmas Cup Stack Attack
Give your guests a Santa Hat to wear when they play Christmas Cup Stack Attack

Free Minute To Win It Christmas Game Ideas

The TV show, A Minute To Win It, gave us so many great, new game ideas. We can play these games at our Christmas gathering, or any other holiday party we happen to host. Birthday party guests will also enjoy playing these games.

All you need to do is explain the game rules, set up the props, and be ready to have tons of fun with your family and friends. You can always include a Santa Hat for each contestant to wear as they build and re-stack their cups.

Take a look just down below to find more free Christmas games you can play with your family and friends. And just like Christmas Cup Stack Attack, these games are easy to find props for, easy to set up, and each round must be completed in one minute or less. The short time it takes to play these games insure that there is enough time for everyone to get a turn.

You also do not have to wait for Christmas to use these free game ideas. You can play them at any family gathering or party. They are fun for all ages!

Fun Free Christmas Games

Jingle Bell Shake

Build A Snowman

The Snowman Slam

Reindeer Bean Bag Toss

Ornament Bean Bag Toss

Find these games on my other pages


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