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Free Download - ANGRY BIRDS for PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

Updated on May 24, 2012
Download Angry Birds for PC
Download Angry Birds for PC

The Widely famous Angry Birds Smartphone game is now available for windows XP and Windows 7 notebooks. This game was one of famous games in the year 2010, topping the list with more than 10 million downloads. The game play is similar to that of the smart phone version and it is very addictive to play.

About the Game

Angry birds is one of the famous game developed by Rovio Mobile. In this game your main objective is to destroy all the pigs placed inside various structures by means of slingshot. There are five different types of birds for you to use and each bird has unique special powers. This is one of best game you should own if you are a touch mobile phone user.

In this game you will be given a group of birds to attack and recover the stolen eggs from the pigs. In each level the pigs will be enclosed inside different structures made up of wood, ice, and stone. During the initial levels it will be easy to destroy the pigs but as you progress to higher levels the complexity of the game increases. You must use your birds and angle wisely to complete the levels. You can either destroy the pig directly or by damaging the structures nearby. In the higher stages of the game, explosives and stone arrangements are also found for you to destroy the `hard to reach` pigs.

There are different types of birds available in this game. During the first few levels only the red bird will be available for you to attack. Once you progress to higher levels, other birds will be available for you. Each bird possesses different special powers which can be activated by tapping the screen when the bird flies. For instance tapping the yellow bird makes it to move at high speed, tapping the blue bird makes it into 3 small birds, tapping the black bird makes it to explode and the white bird will drop explosive eggs. 

Even pigs are also of different types. Pigs which are larger in size will last more hits and pigs wearing helmet are little hard to destroy.

Method to Download Angry Birds to PC:

You can download the free copy of the Angry birds game from the following website.


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      its nice to chailds

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      thank you very mush

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      wow its a nc game..:))

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      I play this game alot...but has not have this game on my PC at office yet only on my laptop....

      Thanks for sharing ;)

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      i love plants vs zombies!!!!!! i think you guys should let people play the full version for 2 weeks!! and make apvz 2!!!!!!!!!!

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      tarata buenisimooo angyyy

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      DNemesis 7 years ago

      I wanted to know what all the fuzz is about---ill give it a try sometime. Thanks for the hub.