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Free Download Bejeweled 3 Game

Updated on December 24, 2012

Bejeweled are the series of game developed and published by POPCAP games. Among those bejeweled 3 is one of the Latest additions. It comes with the classic gem matching puzzles with newly added game modes. The game offers bright visuals with good sound effects to keep you interested in the game. It offers endless puzzling experience with exciting new levels like Zen and lightning game modes.

For those who are playing this game for the first time, this is how the game works. Bejeweled is a game where different colored Jews are filled in an 8x8 board. All you have to do is to swap the gems in such a way a group of at least 3 gems are created. You are allowed to swap directly beside, above, or below the gems. Once the group is formed the gems vanishes and the new gems drops down from the top filling up the space. Creating a group of four or more matching gems creates a special gem, which destroys the nearby gems when matched. Matching the gems in the shape of L or T will result in Star gem which destroys all the gems of the particular matched color.

Free Download Bejeweled 3 Game
Free Download Bejeweled 3 Game

Classic game mode:

This is one of the oldest game modes which offer gem matching puzzles. It is the most addictive game mode as you are allowed to swap and destroy the gems endlessly until the message ‘No more moves’ appears.

Lightning Game mode:

The lightning mode offers more speed to the game by introducing time limit. You will be given 60 seconds at the start of the game. Once the game starts the seconds will decrease gradually. Plan your moves wisely and earn as many points as possible. As the clock approaches zero, special time jewel will be generated. Clearing these jewels will give you back some precious seconds for you to play with.

Ice Storm mode:

In this mode, a column of ice arises from the bottom which should be destroyed by matching the gems. You must choose your move wisely as the vertical and horizontal matching has different effect in destroying the column of ice.

Butterflies mode:

In this mode, rows of butterflies will be gradually moving towards the top and a spider will be eagerly awaiting for the butterflies to eat. All you have to do is to plan wisely and free the jewel containing butterflies before it reaches the top.

Zen Mode:

The Zen mode is a new feature added to the game, which is meant for relaxation. This is an endless mode where you can turn on the relaxation music’s like seagulls and waves, which is very pleasing and relaxing.

How to get Free Download of Bejeweled 3 Game:

The free download of Bejeweled 3 game is available at the site . Just click the download button and enjoy the game. Happy gaming!!!.


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