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Plants vs Zombies PC - Zen Garden Unlockables and Cheats

Updated on August 12, 2013
Plants vs Zombies Cheats
Plants vs Zombies Cheats

Cheat - Unlimited Money

The Zen garden game mode in the Plants vs Zombies game, you need to grow the plants by feeding water to them. Now start the game, enter into the Zen garden game mode and start watering the plants until the need for water is satisfied. Exit the game and open the date and time setting from the system tray or control panel, change the date and save the settings. Reopen the game and enter into the Zen garden game mode. Now you will find the plants needing the water again. Repeat the above steps and grow the plants to full size and sell to earn more money. You can also buy new plants, grow them and sell to earn money.

This trick also works in Crazy Dave’s shop to get Marigolds. So start filling your Zen garden and make all the money you need.

Unlockable – Costumes

Unlockables are those which will be unlocked as soon as you enter the following codes. Enter the following codes with your keyboard. (Note: All the below keywords should be entered in small letters.)

  • future - Enter this codes will result in Zombies wearing Futuristic sunglasses.
  • mustache - Enables Zombies with mustaches.
  • pinata - A shower of candy will appear, when a zombie dies.
  • trickedout - Enables an alternate lawn mower.
  • sukhbir - Changes the Zombies call for brain sound.
  • daisies - will result in small daisies, whenever a zombie is killed.

Hints and Tips:

Switch Locked Seeds

In this mode, Crazy Dave will offer you three fixed cards. If you are not feeling comfortable then all you have to do is to exit the game and restart it. Now you will find these 3 cards changed to something else.

Play Slot Machine for More Coins and diamonds

  1. Build your defense around the slot machine. Place one row of walnuts to the right side, two rows of sunflower to your left side and fill the remaining places with snow and pea shooters.
  2. The lawn mowers are very important thing in this game. As each mower is worth a gold coin at the end of the game. So don’t let the lawn mowers to mow the zombies.
  3. As soon as you reach 1900 sun points, stop collecting the sun and keep the slot machine spinning. Now wait patiently and collect the gems.
  4. As soon as Zombies get closer to the mowers, end the game by collecting the sun lying on the field.

Milking Walnut bowling for coins

  1. The lawn mowers are very important in this game mode. As each mower is worth a gold coin at the end of the game.
  2. Try to hit the zombies, which is nearer to mower. After the first zombie is hit, each additional hit of the other zombies will carry extra points.
  3. Note that Pole vaulting zombies runs faster until it vaults over a nut and the newspaper zombie runs faster as soon as it is hit by nut.
  4. Use your nuts wisely and try to hit the zombies once it crosses the red line. Use single nuts for normal zombie, 3 nuts for bucket headed zombie and 2 for pole vault, newspaper zombies.
  5. Don’t use exploding nuts to kill the pole vault zombies as these zombies jumps over the nuts. Instead search for a neighbor zombie and time the explosion correctly such a way that pole vaulting zombie is killed.

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      Some great suggestions - especially the timer... you made me wonder if it might work in other games as well!