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Fire Fang's Gaming Reviews

Updated on February 15, 2015

Castle Crashers- Worth it?

I have recently played through Castle Crashers, and all I have to say is that it's a 10/frkn' 10 game. The game is amazing, & has amazing humor. It feels like every time I play though it, there's something else I didn't notice about it. There is multilayer mode, which add to the fun. It is available for Steam PSN and Xbox Live Arcade (It lead to the official page because I couldn't find another way). I hope you have fun lollygagging around in this amazing 2D Fighter!! Now to answer the question-Is it worth it. Yes. Just..yes.

Border Lands 2-Worth it?

Before I start typing about BL2, I need to freak out about how amazing the art work is. The art work, the story, the music, the animation, I don't see anything wrong with BL2. The only thing that can get annoying about this game is the hard to understand puzzles, and the oh so many side quests. I personally like to do every side quest, as just a casual way to play. This game features a multi-player mode which is as fun and enjoyable as playing alone. This game has easter eggs such as you would expect from most games. There is also a place for cheat codes to be used, which is powered by Gearbox Shift (Same company that was used in the first BL). This game is totally worth it, & I would rate it 8/10 , due to the glitches here and there, but still allows for countless hours for game play.


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