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Free Kick Games Capture The Excitement Of Soccer / Football!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Free Kick Games Are Exciting & Fun

Soccer as it's known in North America, or Football as it's known in the rest of the world, is the planet's number one favorite sport. In soccer / football, the free kick games are generally allotted as a privilege to the opposing squad due to a violation of the regulations of the game by any member of the other squad. This free kick games rule is not at all different from the ones applicable in any other sport such as basketball where it is called the free throw. Since these kicks can determine the outcome of an entire game, the video game industry has taken this part of soccer / football to heart and produced a plethora of free kick games.

Free Kick Games Follow The FIFA Rules

The soccer / football free kick game is made up of two different kinds of free kicks: The direct kicks and the indirect kicks. the indirect kicks are allotted when there has been a fairly minor violation from the opposing squad, while the direct kicks are given by the officials when a major violation has occurred such as the grabbing of an opponent's jersey, kicking an opponent and the many other violations indicated with the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) rules and regulations.

Free Kick Games can make you feel you're on the pitch!
Free Kick Games can make you feel you're on the pitch!

Video games are available to capture the excitement of the free kick, both to play free online and to purchase from major video game publishers. Some of the most popular sites for online free games are:




Free Kick Fusion

Free Kick Champ

Free Kick Challenge

Magical Kicks

World Cup Free Kick

David Beckham's Free Kick's+free+kick-free-games.html

3G Free Kick

Collinia Free Kick

Monkey Free Kick

Vauxhall Free Kick

Freekick Mania

Oyun Free Kick

There is also a very wide selection of free online soccer / football games available at:

Always be aware that there may be warez or other illegal pirated software on these or other links, which you should never download!

Free Kick Games come with varying levels of realism.
Free Kick Games come with varying levels of realism.

You Can Play Free Kick Games Online!

 Football Free Kick games, or as they are known in North America soccer Free Kick games have become extremely popular. All you need to do is Google Free Kick games and you will come up with a large selection of Free Kick Flash games including those on Free Kick games com which is a great place to play Free Kick games.

Of course even the Free Kick game has to have its celebrity branding and the most famous one has to be the David Beckham Free Kick games. Free Kick online games are a fun way to get interactively involved in soccer / football and Free Kicks game can certainly be addictive!

There's even a Free Kick Slot Machine game!
There's even a Free Kick Slot Machine game!

Free Kick Games Have Even Been Made Into Movies!

 David Beckham has gone down in soccer / football history as one of the great free kick stars. His amazing free kick ability was even the subject of a major motion picture, Bend It Like Beckham, featuring Keira Knightley starring as Juliette "Jules" Paxton. This lighthearted comedy is all about bending the rules in order to reach your goal. The movie is set in the world of female football players and follows two eighteen year old girls who have set their hearts on a future in professional soccer / football. The movie takes the girls from casual kick-about games in the local fields to free kicks in the climactic final game of the season: Going to show that Free Kick Games have captured the imagination of the world's youth!

Free Kick Mania Compilation

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