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Free Online Strategy Games

Updated on March 4, 2008

Many Free Online Strategy Games Are Available

My son loves online strategy games. He has visited many of the free online strategy games websites. Many of them have annoying popups or require installation of software to play. The following websites with free online strategy games are some of the best out there and shouldn't crash your computer.

Two Free Online Strategy Games

This website hosts a free online strategy game called Aegis. The online strategy came is very popular, with over 100,000 online players. There is an average of about 500 online players playing at a time. This online strategy game is a MMORPG fantasy world involving three continents. This strategy game website also has a very active forum and chat. The Aegis free online strategy game offers unlimited game play. Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed on your computer to play. Another free online strategy game called Anarchy is coming to the website soon.

Over 150 Free Online Strategy Games as Well as Other Free Online Games has many, many types of free online games, including free online strategy games. Some plugins have to be installed to play these free online games. But you may already have them installed on your computer, as they are common plugins like Java. At last check, has over 150 free online strategy games. The free strategy games range from seeing if you can keep a coffee shop running and still make a profit to more traditional strategy games, such as online war strategy games. If you can't find a free online strategy game that you like to play here, I don't know what to tell you.

Educational Free Online Strategy Game has a free online strategy game that is also educational. In ALLOUT, the object of the strategy game is to turn off all of the lights on the board. It is not as easy as it sounds, but it is a lot of fun, especially if you love strategy games.

Over 100 Free Online Strategy Games and Other Free Online Games has free online strategy games, but lots of other free online games as well. The free online strategy games are browser based, which means nothing needs to be installed or downloaded to play the free online games. There are several types of free online strategy games. Choose online war strategy games from virtually any era in history or a fantasy world. Play free online strategy games that are similar to the popular Sims games. Run a lemonade stand or choose from over 100 other free online strategy games.

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    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 10 years ago from Cabin Fever

      Play for free. Wonderful hub. :)