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Free Sims 3 Custom Content | Free Sims 3 Furniture

Updated on May 6, 2010

As you're no doubt aware as a Sims 3 player, the Sims 3 came with bugger all content in the base game because EA wanted to nickle and dime their customer base into oblivion by selling overpriced content in the Sims 3 store. This article will help you find free custom content to enhance your enjoyment of the game.

But allow me to rant a little more first. Not only does EA charge far too much for its custom content, instead of simply selling all custom content at one price, it decided to create separate stores for every region of the world, meaning that people who aren't in the USA often pay more for their content because EA decided what the equivalent of $10 USD would be two years ago and has never adjusted the figure for exchange rate fluctuations. One would think that a decent company would simply have the store in US prices and let everyone, regardless of their location, use the power of VISA, or PayPal, to purchase content. Instead, EA has turned the entire sim points purchasing process into another scheme to bilk customers.

Okay, done ranting. Here's how you get free Sims 3 custom content. First of all, you join Mod the Sims and Custom Sims 3 You then search these sites of the plethora of custom content created by the talented modders there. Many of these items are items that were available in The Sims 2 which have been converted for use in The Sims 3.

Here are just a few of the pieces I have downloaded and used in my base game, without paying a cent to EA.

Washer / Dryer Set

This is probably my favorite piece of custom content, an LG washer / dryer set. No, they don't 'function' per se, but they make your sim households look so much more realistic. It's strange that EA decided to create a game in which sinks break and toilets back up every five minutes, but no sim ever needs to wash their clothes.


Giant Mushrooms

Turn your sim world into a fantasy wonderland with these massive, fully recolorable mushrooms. My second favorite piece of free custom content for the Sims 3, these mushrooms really add certain je ne sais quoi to a lot.


Bookcase Shelf

These shelves look like a bookcase, but don't actually contain books. Instead you can put various household items on them, and they stack atop one another too. Perfect for adding a homely touch to contemporary sim homes.


Toy Set

The base game comes with a pitiful number of toys, but this TS2 conversion boosts the number of toys sim children are able to play with exponentially. Dinosaurs, helicopters, race cars, dolls, and so much more!


New Star and Flower Rugs

Sick of the boring rugs that come with the base game? These large flower and star rugs help you to make fun houses and rooms for your sims to inhabit. The floor doesn't have to be square anymore!


These are just a very few of the wide range of downloads available for the Sims 3. Buying custom content from EA doesn't just waste your money, it supports the attitude that says people should pay through the nose for almost nothing. If EA made the store more reasonably priced and conducted itself in a less vampiric fashion, then I would have no problem paying for the content. But as it is, the prices are high, it's a pain in the ass to purchase content if you're not in America and you're better off making a donation to modding communities that produce great content consistently and without overarching greed.


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