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Free Sims 3 Stuff Pack Download | High End Condo

Updated on May 18, 2011

The Sims 3 stuff packs are expensive, but one generous modder, Morphead, has created an entire stuff pack for free! Inspired by the High End Loft set, the High End Condo set features a whole range of build / buy items for you to download and use in your Sims 3 game. Best of all, you only need the base game to use this pack! After having downloaded and installed this stuff pack, I'm impressed by the quality. It very much meets the standards of the content you might be accustomed to finding in The Sims 3 store, and in some cases, far exceeds it. The pack follows a modern theme, which means plenty of clean lines, transparent surfaces and a slick design ethic.

Included in the High End Loft Stuff Pack are:

  • Two new dining tables, they are both called 'The Ocean Dining Table' but one has a solid opaque top and the other model has a contemporary transparent glass top.
  • Two new end tables, Jerry's Night Stand is a glass topped night stand with treated timber framing. The Highlander is a more minimalistic model with brushed steel finish.
  • Three new coffee tables in a range of styles.
  • A new double bed with minimalistic timber framing. Jerry's bed matches Jerry's Night Stand to a T.
  • Two new sinks, one with separate cutlery section.
  • A new tub and a new molded glass surround shower that makes cleaning classier than ever.
  • A new stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. The dishwasher and refrigerator are particularly well made with translucent frontages that let you see the food and dishes inside!
  • A new microwave, 'The Ocean Sun Room'.
  • A wall clock, (translucent to the core.)
  • Two new mirrors, one small, one large enough to take in all your sim's beauty.
  • Three new sets of curtain coverings of the vertical blind variety. Horizontal blinds are so five minutes ago.
  • Two new circular rugs.
  • Three new sets of stairs! Finally, modern themed stairs that make your home look stylish and not like something out of either thr 1950's or the school playground.
  • New modern lighting options. Get rid of those lodge lights and make your place look nice for once.
  • And more! Yes more!

Installing This Stuff Pack

This stuff pack comes in a zipped download file with a series of .package files in folders marked for various areas of the house. If you've never installed any mods or custom content before, don't panic, it's easily doable and it usually doesn't break anything. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article I tried this stuff pack out myself extensively before reviewing it. Mod the Sims has an excellent guide for installing mods (which is what this stuff pack falls under even though it doesn't really mod the game so much as add content to it.)

Download High End Condo Sims 3 Stuff Pack For Free!


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