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Free Interactive Trivia Games

Updated on January 23, 2013
Everyone Loves Trivia!
Everyone Loves Trivia! | Source

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Trivia games are more than just brain teasers, they’re also quite enjoyable, exciting and educational. Sadly, long gone are the days we’d spend huddled around the kitchen table or sitting on the living room floor playing family board games like Trivia Pursuit with friends and family. In the 21st century we tend to play our games on practically everything with a computer in it: our cell phones, laptop computers, desktop computers, Android devices, Kindles, iPads, Nooks, iPhones, and iPods. Surely, there is no lack of games available to download and play (apps. seem to be everywhere you look), but many of them come with a price tag. If you want to play a few mind numbing trivia games for free, I found a few selected games for different platforms and devices which you can download and enjoy.

Amazon's Kindle Fire
Amazon's Kindle Fire | Source

Amazon Kindle

There are many, many free games available to download and play on Amazon’s multi-entertainment device, the Kindle Fire. Here are a couple of free trivia games that are easily downloadable.

1. “1001 Comic Book Trivia Questions” (DRM-FREE Version) by Rich Meyer. Released April 28, 2012, it is free for prime members; (However, it's $3.99 for non-prime members.) Over a thousand fun and tricky questions about every comic character out there. If you love comic books and want to test your knowledge, this free download for the Kindle is for you.

2. “Oklahoma Sonners IQ: The Ultimate Test For True Fandom (OU Football History & Trivia)” by Scott Cooper and Keith Gaddie. Release on March 13, 2012 it is completely free to download.This trivia game offers you the chance to prove that you "know all there is to know" about the Sooners. NOTE: Other “Ultimate Test For True Fandom” games are available on which include other trivia game versions for the Boston Celtics, the Florida Gators and other sports teams (also free).

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo | Source


There are more games than you can shake a stick at on Facebook. From Mafia Wars to Farmville, they are all free to play. However; there are not as many trivia game on the site. Here are two that I found interesting:

a) Zynga’s “PrivacyVille” is a trivia game that isn’t really a “game”. There are a slew of games by Zynga like FrontierVille and CityVille. The people at Zynga finally came up with a game about privacy. It’s quite a serious game in a fun little “Ville” setting. It helps players become more informed (and testing their knowledge) on online privacy rights.

b) “All American Trivia Games, LLC” are a series of interactive trivia games about America. The games tests the players knowledge of basic U.S. History. It has recently added additional content trivia about notable African Americans.

iTunes Logo
iTunes Logo | Source

Apple iTunes

The iTunes store offer thousands of songs, movies, televison shows and various apps. Very few of the games are free. Here is one trivia game I found that is free on Apple iTunes.

“Free Trivia” by Sporcle, Inc. Released June 8, 2012, it can be played on the iPhone and the iPad. The Sporcle Lite trivia game has fun questions ranging from movies and music to world geography and virtually everything in between. Available at iTunes App. Store.

Playstation logo
Playstation logo | Source

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation Network is filled with games, music, movies and downloadable content. If you have a PlayStation Plus account, many games and add-ons are free. This is a trivia game that is free without the Plus account.

“BUZZ! Quiz Player” by Sony Computer Entertainment America, with Relentless Software (2010). This trivia game on the PSN comes with a free starter pack including 80 fun questions. It also has some sample questions from existing BUZZ! quiz game packs available for download (at a price) at the PlayStation Network Store. (Available through thePlayStation 3 game console.)

Barnes and Noble's NOOK
Barnes and Noble's NOOK | Source


Like the Kindle Fire, there are many, many apps. that can be downloaded to the NOOK. Here is a free and fun trivia game that can be played alone or with your friends:

“Blast Trivia” by Firecracker Software LLC. (Released December 5, 2011). This app. includes daily trivia question challenges on multiple subjects.With questions being delivered at a fast pace for extra excitement on the NOOK tablet, it can be played alone or with friends. Users can even submit their own questions. (Available at )

Android Logo
Android Logo | Source


There's countless apps. and other fun games that can be downloaded for your Android device. Here are a couple free android device trivia games available at

1. “Video Games Trivia”, by Vielmassociates Ltd., offers trivia on video games like Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. This game tests the hardcore gamer’s knowledge of their favorite video games.

2. “FunBlast Trivia Quiz Lite” by Fun2Go. A fun trivia game filled with questions from pop culture to politics, movies to geography; animation and sound effects liven this game up.


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