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Free online jigsaw puzzles review

Updated on March 21, 2016
Jigzone logo
Jigzone logo | Source


I have already written a few hubs about jigsaw puzzles, but this time I will only cover puzzles that are free, online and for adults. Puzzles for children will be the subject matter of another hub later on. I have tried the puzzle sites I am presenting here and some of are even great favorites of mine, so I am including their logos, so you can recognize them easily when you see them.
Jigzone is a well established site and I have been using it for years! I like their selection of themes, so I even use their pictures to embed in my Daily Journal, just to add a picture to what otherwise would be just plain text.
The Jigzone level of difficulty ranges from a 6 piece cut, to 247 pieces, which can be quite challenging. Jigzone publishes pictures daily and one can even embed them into web pages or blogs. One can also upload pictures to turn them into jigsaw puzzles and one can also send pictures as postcards. Their picture gallery contains thousands of images in different themes.
They is also a Jigzone Shop, which sells a huge range of classic and 3-D jigsaw puzzles up to 18000 pieces, as well as jigsaw puzzles on CD's and accessories. They sell jigsaw puzzles by brand, piece size, theme and artist.

Jigidi logo
Jigidi logo | Source


I am not even sure how to pronounce the name, but Jigidi, is surely one of my favourite puzzle sites! I like their theme selection and they always seem to have one that will suit my fancy, as far as piece numbers and topic. I also like that one can bookmark puzzles, so one can continue solving them at some other time.
This is a very creative site that is being constantly improved. They now present their puzzles in two columns of eight images each and it continues going for many pages (I went up to page 50 and there were more!) They first present the title of each puzzle, number of pieces and size, plus author, date created and category. One has the option to solve the puzzle, or to bookmark it, to continue it at a later time. It is a good idea to sign in, as then one's name can appear amongst the names of those solving a puzzle. One can also click on the names of people with puzzles that were enjoyable.

The jigsaw puzzles logo.
The jigsaw puzzles logo. | Source

The Jigsaw Puzzles

A site with a very straightforward and easy to remember name! They have a growing collection of puzzles, organized by albums. Those albums have hundreds of jigsaw puzzles for people to explore them all or play at will. One can also bookmark the site, so as to check their Puzzle of the Day every single day! Clicking the button at the lower-right corner allows you to see the puzzle fullscreen too.

Crazy 4 jigsaws logo
Crazy 4 jigsaws logo | Source


A crazy and happy site. They have a Puzzle Gallery with many different puzzles under these categories: Animals & Wildlife, Artwork, Flowers & Plants, Food & Beverage, Holidays, Landscapes, Objects & Collections, Sports & Games, and Travel. The site also has Daily Puzzles, which come with various cuts, like classic, circle, USA, tessellation, craz4 jigsaws, hexagon and diamonds. Their premium option offers even more possibilities, like their Random Puzzles.

Online jigsaw logo
Online jigsaw logo | Source

Online jigsaw puzzles

This site offers free online jigsaw puzzles to play. Their pictures are beautiful and very colorful too. There are a big variety of puzzle themes: animals, art, cars, pets, dogs, cats, horses, castles, anime, cartoon, food, flowers, children, motorbike, nature scenes, ship, spiritual, travel, spiritual, holiday and art puzzles. The difficulty levels range from a simple 6 piece cut for younger kids to 247 pieces for older children and adults. Online jigsaw puzzles helps young children learn mouse control, while being educational and good fun too.

Jigsaw Planet

This is an ideal place for playing free online jigsaw puzzles. Create puzzles from your images, collect, exhibit and share them with your friends. logo logo | Source


With JS puzzles one can have a new jigsaw puzzle to start every single day! The puzzle will not only be free, but also unique. A new jigsaw puzzle with a different theme will be posted every day for you to solve online and it could be about nature, places, animals, scenery, misc, or other interesting topics! Their puzzle gallery not only includes many pictures per page, but it also has many pages as well! This site also shows star ratings for their puzzles and categorizes their rankings too! logo logo | Source


This is a site that looks quite simple and childish, but it is not really! It does have music, but it also offers a variety of online games, including jigsaw puzzles. They come in a variety of difficulties, ranging from easy (12 pieces), to medium (48), hard (108) and expert (192). They do have other parts, but one must access them by looking below at the horizontal. Those are quite challenging and they have a big selection too! logo logo | Source

This site has free online jigsaw puzzles and one can play the puzzles online for free. They also have three new puzzles daily and the photos that appear on their site were ones that were submitted by visitors to By visiting that site, one can submit photos, and have them appear on Jigsaw for everyone to see. JIgsaw Onlinenet has puzzles with three degrees of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. They also have an archive, where puzzles are organized by year and month of creation.

jigsaws logo
jigsaws logo | Source

I finished doing this hub yesterday, but this afternoon I could not resist visiting this other free online jigsaw puzzle website! I found a colorful puzzle about mixed candy and I could almost savor those lovely sweets in my mouth! They had three degrees of difficulty: easy with 16 pieces, medium with 49 and hard with 81 pieces! I will be back here again soon, as I could see that they had several other interesting puzzles!

Long live Jigsaw Puzzles!

It is true that jigsaw puzzles are like a different zone, world, or planet and one can even add them to one's initials! They can also get one to be crazy about them and it is just lovely to receive jigsaw puzzles as presents for birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries!


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    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 4 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      Thanks for suggesting, sounds interesting!

    • profile image

      Digipuzzle 4 years ago

      Perhaps you also want to have a look at Lots and lots of puzzles there

    • profile image

      SellyCells 5 years ago

      Sorry it took so long but I added your link here:

    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 5 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      No, of course not! The more, the merrier! Do also have a look at another blog I have written about JSP:

    • profile image

      SellyCells 5 years ago

      Would you mind if I refrence your hub on my website?

    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 5 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      Thanks very much for your comment! Yes, there are many sites on the Internet and they are so interesting too! You can click on the names (in bold) the beginning of each site to access them. Enjoy!

    • profile image

      SellyCells 5 years ago

      Cool review article of the online puzzle world. I had no idea there were so many sites dedicated to online puzzles.