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How to Find and Use Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Updated on November 2, 2010

Baby showers are one of the highlights of being an expectant parent. This is a perfect time for friends and family members to gather together and share parenting moments, useful gifts, and have fun with each other.

A lot of us have been to baby showers before, and there were probably times when we did not know the other guests in the event, as perhaps you may be co-workers of the parents to be while the other guests may be childhood friends or old classmates, so what do you to do break the tension?

This is exactly where baby shower games come into play, as these games allow the guests to get to know each other and interact with one another to make the event all the more fun and exciting. If you don’t know a lot of games that can be played during baby showers, don’t worry! There are plenty of free printable baby shower games online that you can use.

Items Needed:

* A computer with internet access and a printer

* The theme of the baby shower

* Baby shower games

* Any materials needed for the games

1. In order to begin your search for free printable baby shower games, you need to first have a computer with internet access, plus a printer of course. The internet provides a wealth of resources when it comes to searching for almost anything, and baby shower games are one of them. You can search using the keywords ‘free printable baby shower games’ and that should give you plenty to choose from.

2. It is also a good idea to know the theme of the baby shower, if the parents of the baby decided on following a certain theme. In this way, you can choose the games to print and play during the baby shower which will match the theme of the celebration. For example, if the theme of the baby shower is cartoons, you can print out baby shower games that are for cartoons, like guessing who the cartoon character you printed out is, or the famous lines of a certain cartoon character, etc.

3. Once you know the theme of the baby shower and you have a PC ready to use, you can go ahead and search for free printable baby shower games online. In order to choose a game, think of whether you would have fun playing the game yourself, and go with that. You also don’t need to go for games that are too complicated or hard, just something that will get everybody talking to each other and mingling with one another.

4. Some games may require colored paper, cardboard, cut out shapes, or anything that will be used when playing the game. You should also take note of these and be sure to prepare them when you are ready to print out the games. This will save you a lot of time running to and from the store to buy different pieces or colors of paper.


As a general rule of thumb, choose baby shower games you feel you would enjoy playing. Try to view the games from a participant’s point of view so that you can easily get their attention and participation, as some guests may either be too shy or are hesitant to join because the game seems complicated.


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