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Frets On Fire: Ubuntu's Guitar Hero With Songs

Updated on August 31, 2011

Have you ever gotten extremely jealous when your friends talk about how they've beaten the bot at Guitar Hero? Or how much fun they're having playing Guitar Hero and you don't have a PS2 or PS3 on which to play Guitar Hero?

Despair no more! You may not have Guitar Hero but you can have Frets on Fire instead! Frets on Fire is a computer based guitar game in which you hit the keys on your keyboard which would symbolize the string on each fret.

This game can be enjoyed by many people who are either wanting to play a guitar game, learning to co ordinate your hands or simply to pass the time! There are many songs to download from the Wiki page of Frets on Fire and membership is free. Make your friends jealous with all YOUR playable songs.

A great advantage is that if you happen to have a copy of Guitar Hero, you can insert the disc and import the songs into Frets on Fire using the Wiki help page on this section.

I have had many hours of fun playing this game. It can be downloaded from their site, or if you use Ubuntu, it should be in the repositories. So come on, download and play the game and see why Guitar Hero was such a hit that DJ and Band Hero were created as well.

Frets On Fire Demo


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