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Friday Five - "Eggcentric" Easter Eggs

Updated on April 1, 2013

The Easter holiday is just around the corner, and I thought what would be a more fitting post than to talk about some gaming easter eggs? In video games, easter eggs refer to some secrets or references that are hidden somewhere in a game. This week's Friday Five will feature some of my favorites (not in any particular order).

1. Playground Break

This is probably one of the best Easter eggs in Resident Evil 6 (2012: Xbox 360 & Playstation 3). In chapter 3 of Chris Redfield's campaign, he and his partner, fellow BSAA squad member Piers Nivans head to China to find Ada Wong. During their mission, they reach a playground with a jungle gym, slide, and a riding panda. As Chris, you can approach the panda and ride it like the springed horses you see in playgrounds. What's so great about it is that Chris keeps his serious expression as he rides the endangered animal.

2: Hush, little baby..

Harley Quinn is all kinds of crazy, and the Arkham series makes sure to remind its players that. In Batman: Arkham City (2011: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & 2012: Wii U), Batman returns to the steel mill, the Joker's base. When he gets to the top room where he first saw the Joker, there is a mannequin with Harley's Asylum outfit and a pregnancy test on the floor next to it. The test is positive. Sounds like a foreshadow into the next game, right? During the credits, if you listen carefully, you can hear Harley sing a famous lullaby, with her own words:

"Hush, Little baby. Don't say a word. Momma's gonna kill for you the whole damn world."

3: It's a Mad World

Gears of War has been known for violence, death, and heartbreak. Every game has featured a dramatic death scene. In Gears of War 3 (2012: Xbox 360), it was Delta member and fan-favorite Dominic Santiago's turn to die. During his sacrifice, the song "Mad World" by Gary Jules, which was used in the comercial for Gears 1, was playing. Gridlock from the first game returned as a multiplayer map, and it featured the ashed remains of people who were killed in the Hammer of Dawn strike. If you and the rest of the players in the lobby can go through a round without destroying a single ash person, the following round will start with an instrumental version of "Mad World" playing as ash falls like snow.

4: Psycho reads your mind.. Well memory card

This one is definitely an "oldie but goldie." In Metal Gear Solid (1998: Playstation) you face Psycho Mantis. As a way to freak players out, Psycho will read their mind and comment on their gaming habits or the games they play. Hence his question about Castlevania in the screenshot to the right.

Well, actually.. He just scans your memory card and finds out that way.

5: Tribute to a Vault Hunter

In October 2011, a young man by the name of Michael Mamaril died of cancer. His friend named Carlos wrote Gearbox requesting a eulogy from the one and only CL4P-TP (Claptrap, voiced by David Eddings). Gearbox delievered, and they made Michael a character in Borderlands 2 (2012: Xbox 360 & Playstation).You can find Michael in the city of Sanctuary. When you do find him, he'll give you a rare weapon matching your current level and you will also get the "Tribute to a Vault Hunter" acheivement and/or trophy.

When I learned what Michael's addition really came from, I almost cried. I respect Gearbox so much for doing this. The fact that they fulfilled such a request and honored a fan like that is why I love the video game industry. I left the video of the eulogy on the side as well as a picture of Michael's character.


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      4 years ago

      Sadly, Gears is nothing more than a W40K rifpof. I'll be happy playing Space Marine, this fall. The series that Gears copies down to the wire. When you have only one good exclusive title coming out in a year, of course it's going to sell well. Want a cookie for your superior logic there, Sherlock? Kindof interesting how you call PS3 overpriced when a 160 GB PS3 only costs $50 than a 4 GB 360, and a 320 GB PS3 costs the same as a 250 GB 360. There's some logic there that your superior intelligence. Shrinking Install Base, eh? I guess that's why, last week, the PS3 outsold the 360 by 60,000 units, and PS3 has seen 100% 400% sales in regions such as Australia, Japan, and Europe since the price drop. It's only a short matter of time before the PS3 outsells your precious Shitbox, overall. Sure, call sales irrelevant like most Xbots are doing all of the sudden, even though that's been their only real deffense since the Shitbox first came out.See, I do buy PS3 exclusives. That's actually the only thing I really care to buy nowadays, simply because 90% of multiplats are still being held back by the shitbox, and are virtually worthless. Just because your pitiful has no more exclusives for you to buy, that doesn't somehow translate to noone buys them on PS3. You're logic just died. Security is just fine on PS3, by the way. I havn't had any issue with my free online gaming. How's having only 1 exclusive to look foward to next year? I'm sure you are very excited. It's only the 6th game with that name to come out on this gen alone, on one console. LOLVN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)


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