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Friday Flop - Alone in the Dark (2008)

Updated on February 18, 2013
Alone in the Dark Xbox 360 cover
Alone in the Dark Xbox 360 cover | Source

Alone in the Dark (2008; Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Wii, PC) is the fifth installment of the survival horror series, Alone in the Dark, which started in 1992. The PS2 and Wii versions are different than the others because of gameplay, and levels. This game had potential, but in the end, it was not as good as many believed and wanted it to be.

(To be honest, I confused this game for The Darkness, which was realeased in 2007).

The game is set in New York and follows an amnesiac paranormal investigator named Edward Carnby. In the opening cutscene he was standing on a roof of a building and was about to be killed.The guard, however, was killed by an unknown force, allowing him to escape. Edward witnesses people being possessed by demonic beings. He meets a woman named Sarah Flores, and an old man named Theophile Paddington. They escape together in a car while driving through crumbling roads that are splitting and falling apart. They crash in Central Park and find a way to a nearby museum, but Theophile tells them to continue without him before killing himself. During the search, Edward meets a man named Hermes, who has a stone similar to his. The duo make their way to the museum and Paddington's ghost reveals to Edward that he possesses a stone that encased Lucifer, but a man by the name of Crowley released him and planned on destroying the world. Crowley captures Sarah, and threatens Edward to give him the stone or Sarah will die. In response Edward shoots Crowley in the head, and Hermes combines the two stones to reincarnate Lucifer. As Lucifer starts to take over Edward's body, Srah tries to stop it and offer herself as the host. The player must then make a decision to either shoot Sarah to stop her from being taken over, or do nothing and let Lucifer possess her instead, both choices ending the game.

Alone in the Dark has a unique soundtrack and gameplay idea. It centers on puzzle-solving, and oing everything you can to keep Edward alive. When Edward gets hurt, you can see wounds appear on his body through his clothes, which you must bandage and heal before it is too late. The wounds and blood are quite realistic, and the clothes are ripped and stained around the areas of the clothes. When you get stuck on an area or puzzle, you can go into the pause menu and skip to the next episode, and the game shows a cutscene summarizing what you skipped.

Like I said, this game had a lot of potential, but it could not keep my attention. The overall story, shaky control and camera system, and voice acting made me regret getting the game after an hour of playing it.


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