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Friday the 13th: The Game Review

Updated on August 6, 2017

Friday the 13th: The Game Analysis

In the slasher films genre, there are few characters more recognizable than Jason Voorhees, the wild, deformed and tormented killer who hides behind a hockey mask. His "adventures" already had a video game in 1989, but in this occasion we received the opportunity to embody not only Jason but also their potential victims. Welcome to the review of Friday the 13th: The game.

The approach of the game is as simple and direct as the films in which it is inspired: we are in 1984 and Jason wants to kill all the camp monitors and campers that are near his territory. Okay, the argument has not the complexity of other titles, but ... Who needs more?, Friday the 13th The Game is an asymmetric (1 vs 7) exclusively online video game, this means you will have to wait for 7 other users to start a match, not a big deal since the game has a good population at the moment.

We have two options in this game; either playing as Jason or as a camp monitor, If we are lucky enough to play as Jason our objective will be, preventing the escape of the rest of the players at lake camp, of course, by brutally murder them. Aside from his brutal constitution and the panic he provokes on his victims, Jason has the ability to easily locate potential new victims with a "noise indicator skill". Besides his iconic axe, Jason can use other weapons such as bear traps and throwing knives.

In addition to this "noise indicator", Jason counts with several abilities that are progressively unlocked as the game advance. such as "Morph",which acts as a teleportation skill. "Shift" which acts like a speed boost. "Sense" which is some sort of fear detector. "Stalk" a silent mode to surprise our prey and a "Rage mode" that makes Jason even more powerful near the end of the game.

As a survivor...

The objective it`s pretty obvious too, avoid Jason and escape Lake camp, but in order to successfully complete a game as a survivor you will have few options such as; repair and fuel a car, repair a boat and sail away, call the police and wait for them to save you or you can even try to kill Jason which is virtually imposible... so, the last one is certainly the worst option.

The game mechanics are pretty simple as the game itself and althought they are made with the intention of balanced matches, most of the time, survivors will painfully fail trying to escape from Jason`s Axe.

Even tho I really like the fear system, that was meant to improve the player immersion, It also acts as another powerful weapon for Jason making the path to his prey easier, campers that are alone or in the dark will start to panic, reducing their movement speed and making their actions less precise. On the other hand, staying around with other campers or well hidden, will reduce the panic levels.

As a survivor, your best bet is to pray for Jason to focus their rage in other campers, as is practically your only chance to escape from a certain death, since stopping Jason is virtually imposble and for the sake of balance, camp monitors will have the possibilty to bring back one of the dead allies to the game if they find the radio station, the resurrected player will embody the hunter Tommy Jarvis, beside balance, this dynamic also tries to prevent, dead players to abandon the game before it is over, since this happens pretty often.

Fiday the 13th; the game offers a very decent level of customization options where you can use the customization points that you will recieve at the end of the matches considering your performance in any of the team you played for. One of the best unlockables are definitely the kill animations for Jason Voorhees. These animations of special executions range from decapitations, stomps to the head, impalements and other iconic kills from the movies.

Moreover, leveling up your profile will reward you with some alternative skins for Jason Voorhees, besides appearence, these skins also modify your current stats, providing different configurations to suit your playstyle. In the same way, the camp monitors have their own customization options. which are a bit less deeper than Jason's, changing their outfits and also modifiying their stats.


In the graphic section, Friday the 13th definitely does not take full advantage of the unreal engine 4 potentianl, but it provides quite convincing Jason animations and modeling, particularly with his special executions. Camp monitors models are decent but they facial expresion are too overreacted and sometimes just weird or clunky, like the one below...

The Conclusion

Despite the game achieves pretty well to transmit the ambience and the essence of the movies to the game and it offers a deep level of customization for the characters, the main problem of Friday the 13th; the game is still the lack of content, considering there is only one game mode available and one map, which is unforgivable. Im pretty sure they will fix this in the future but so far the game is too repetitive and it fails in one of the most important features that a decent game supose to have, which is "re-playability".

Don't get me wrong, the game is actually fun and it will be particularly fun and enjoyable for you if you are a slasher movie fan like myself, consider to buy it only if you love Jason Voorhees or Horror/slasher movies.

Rating; 3/5 stars
Rating; 3/5 stars
Friday The 13th: The Game - Xbox One Edition
Friday The 13th: The Game - Xbox One Edition

Embody the most iconic character from slasher movies and also... their potential victims!, available on Xbox One now.


© 2017 Alberto Zumaya


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