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Frog Plush Stuffed Animals Toys Review-Guide

Updated on January 8, 2015

Don't Judge The Frogs

Plush frog toys are among the most colorful stuffed animals you can own. There are many green and white, or even entirely green colored variations – these are the standard toys – but there are also all sorts of poisonous, bull, leopard, and other rare frogs available. These are colored in bright, eye-popping hues, some looking so exotic as to appear like monsters. Heck, some of them are monsters. Many kids, however, have a special taste and ability to find beauty in ugly things (and it is known that in art some things can be so ugly that they become beautiful), and should be given the freedom to choose their favorite frog.

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Be Gentle

Another feature that distinguishes plush frogs from many other plush animals is their fingers. Unlike most stuffed toys, who may have paws or hooves, frogs usually have thin, delicate fingers. These require a different approach from the children, and stimulate them to develop a more refined sense of touch: careless handling may lead to tearing and loss of digits. Considering the latest data on frog population decline, the plush replica may in fact be the last specimen of a particular kind of frogs.

Plush Tales

For those who care less about zoology but more about fairy tales and fictional narratives, the famous prince (or princess) frog will present a great source of fun. These plush frogs wear a crown that identifies them as royalty, and can withstand innumerable kisses. No actual transformation have been reported, however, so it may be best not to let the kids' hopes run too high in that direction. There are musical and talking variants (harder to find) that will embody at least some of the fictional qualities. More traditional playing ideas include imitating jumping around, making croaking sounds and, in case of a poisoned plush animal, imitating a poisoning which would require a doctor and patient follow-up.


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