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From Orlais to Ferelden: A Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Updated on January 14, 2015

In the Beginning...

Most of us remember that glorious moment of taking on the blight in Dragon Age: Origins. The game that started the series for us. We'd immerse ourselves in the land of Ferelden for hours upon hours of action packed gameplay that had an amazing story behind it and colorful characters to adventure with. Needless to say most loved DA:O so much we wanted a second. We were hanging on the edge of our seats waiting for them to release another epic adventure to send us on. A few hours of escape from our everyday lives.

Let's face it, gaming is most peoples outlet now a days. Take a step back from reality and enjoy a fantasy world, whether it be MMO's, RPG's or FPS's. We need that break, that escape from it all and the original Dragon Age was a great escape. Though after Dragon Age 2 most of us found ourselves questioning this company, do we really want to see them make a third? Would we really pay for that at this point? Let's be honest, the second Dragon Age was a pretty big let down. Dragon Age 2 had a good story and good characters but all the repeats is what really did it in.

I was extremely skeptical when Dragon Age 3 was announced. Did I want to buy this game? Was it going to be worth the sixty dollars or was it going to leave me feeling ripped off again? Needless to say I caved and Dragon Age Inquisition ended up being the Christmas present my husband bought me this year. I went on one hell of an adventure when I got this game, throwing a bunch of time into it almost instantly and now, after completing the game and starting it again I'm ready to write up a review on it.

The Story

The Dragon Age series has always been pretty good at putting together a fun story to follow. Defeating the blight was interesting and becoming the champion of Kirkwall was a fun storyline. Dragon Age Inquisition didn't let me down in this aspect.

This Dragon Age puts you in the shoes of the Inquisitor. The person that is going to call the shots to put the world of Thedas back in order after all the chaos that breaks out. The mages and templars are at war with each other, a new evil has risen up and it's your job to correct these situations.

Honestly, this story blew me away. The options, the outcomes and how much it just pulled me in. This game more than made up for the short comings of the second Dragon Age. It took me almost 80 hours of gameplay just to hit the endgame and that's without doing everything I could have done in the game. I found the story aspect here to be almost flawless. Every step of the way I was interested and wanted more and more. The final bits were probably the most interesting and the final cut scene leaves you wanting to know what's next?

It'll answer questions you were left wanting answers to in Dragon Age: Origins, it'll answer questions you had after Dragon Age 2 and it'll leave you with a few new questions you'll want answers for. I was actually shocked by how much history this Dragon Age had in it. You expect a game series to at least make mention of previous parts but this game actually made you feel as though yes, you are in the same history line and the things that happened in the previous games aren't just fairy tales that you hear about briefly in passing. They did amazing at tying everything together. The story alone made this game worth the buy.

The Characters

This Dragon Age brought in some absolutely amazing characters to adventure with in your journey to save Thedas, so let's take a peak into who you'll be adventuring with.

Dorian - This man is a crack up. He's an overly confident mage from Tevinter and is bound to keep you entertained whenever you find yourself talking to him or when he is in your adventuring party. Sorry lady Inquisitors but this mage only swings for the males as far as romancing goes.

Sera - This companion is... well she's pretty crazy and most of the time you'll have difficulty understanding her but that's part of the charm. I believe she can be romanced by either male or female.

Iron Bull - This is by far one of the most interesting companions you'll be able to party with. Iron Bull is a qunari that's pretty funny and entertaining. Let's just say your opinion on qunari will change after you meet Bull. Interesting fact, he's actually voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.

Cassandra - Seems a bit dull compared to the companions above but if you really pay attention to the cut scenes with her there is a plus side about it. Mostly though she's strictly business.

Vivienne - This is probably one of the ones I didn't really care for but that just shows they did a good job making her an unlikable sort. She's a mage that's all for the circle of magi and comes off as quite the 'beach'.

Solas - Very interesting elf apostate that has studied pretty much everything about the fade.

Cole - I liked this companion a lot, you can't romance him but he's interesting to talk to considering he's a spirit. Not a demon, a spirit. He likes to help people.

Blackwall - He's your typical brute strength kind of guy. I'm currently running the romance angle with him on this play through and him and Varric share some pretty entertaining conversations when they are in the same party.

Varric - Our favorite Dwarf from Dragon Age 2 is back and so is Bianca, his trustee crossbow. My only issue with him is he doesn't seem as funny as he was in two but he's still pretty entertaining.

Aside from the above mentioned characters you also have your advisers panel which is made up of Josephine, the woman who handles all the diplomatic issues. Cullen, who is the general of the inquisitions army and Leliana who serves as the spymaster. Josephine and Cullen are able to be romantically involved with the inquisitor. Sadly Leliana isn't. Later in the game you'll get Morrigan, another adviser that you can't romance.

All the characters in this have rich backstory and in depth storylines. This Dragon Age is way more interactive when it comes to your companions than Dragon Age 2 was.

The Gameplay

The game itself, outside of the story and characters is beautiful. The zones are amazing and the fighting system is pretty easy to get down. However at times it feels a bit overwhelming when you realize how much you have to play through.

I know I like to complete a game on every level, main quests, side quests, full exploration, all of that and this game just has so much packed into it that it takes weeks to complete to the full extent. Granted, it's going to take a bunch of time to get through it but I admire the dedication they had when creating the environments for this game. I just feel they could have downsized some of the areas a little and focused on tweaking a few other things in the game.

I Love My Castle

At the end of the day being the Inquisitor is a fun job to have and this game is pretty awesome. I've experienced some of the usual issues with Dragon Age games in this one, like the game crashing randomly or a few lag spikes here and there but other than that it runs well.

However, there is a pretty annoying bug where the origin cloud save data messes up and tries to set you back a few hours when you try to relaunch the game and continue your adventure. This is easy to avoid by using the same computer for the game every time and when that error pops up just using local pc data instead of the cloud data.

I'd give Dragon Age: Inquisition a 3.75 stars out of 5 overall and I would highly recommend anyone that is interested in getting this game, but hesitant because of the previous Dragon Age, to just bite the bullet and get the game.

Throughout All Three

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