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Stacking the Deck: Mono Blue Cards in Dragons of Tarkir

Updated on March 12, 2015

Today we're going to cover some of my noteworthy mono blue cards from Dragons of Tarkir so far. Once again we're going to start with the commons and go up the rarity tree from their. Let's dive right in. (Get it because it's blue) (Water).


We're starting off strong with one of the best commons released so far, Anticipate. Scrying 3 is always good but the ability to scry 3 and add one to your hand and put the others onto the bottom of your library is really good. Also the fact that not only is it at instant speed but it costs two mana? This card shouldn't be a common (just like Treasure Cruise) but I'm not going to complain. Get used to seeing this card in, well, any deck that plays blue. I will definitely try to fit this into my Jeskai deck. I think this card will definitely run rampant in any control deck like blue/black or blue/white. This is guaranteed to be Standard playable.


Ojutai Summoners seems like a lackluster card but the rebound ability truly pulls it together. Creating two 2/2 fliers over two consecutive turns for five mana is solid, not fantastic but still playable. Any token creating spells is welcome in a deck like Jeskai Tokens. It might be a bit high of a mana cost for the deck, but getting two tokens and two triggers off of Jeskai Ascendancy might make people want to give it a shot.


The first uncommon today is Qarsi Deceiver. Qarsi Deceiver is a much needed card to push any of the morph mechanics in this set. Stats wise, a 0/4 for two mana is pretty good in it's own right. You can float a mana to do anything with morph/megamorph and can flip manifested cards. This card will be great in limited due to the morph mechanic always being used in the format. If a morph/megamorph deck sprouts up in Standard or Commander, this card will definitely see play.


Silumgar's Scorn is the new Counterspell. Nothing much to say about this. Double blue to counter a spell is self exclamatory. Even with the condition to reveal or to control a dragon to straight up counter the spell, the card will see play in limited and most likely standard. Once again Blue/Black and Blue/White Control decks can use this card, especially if they throw in the new Dragonlords and play dragons in their list. Even without dragons around, this card is still good for punishing your opponents as they tap out.. If they use mana creatures, that's fine. Force them to tap a Sylvan Caryatid or a Rattleclaw Mystic that they wanted to block with.

Gudul Lurker is simple, but strong in Limited. Pay 1 for a 1/1 or Megamorph it into a 2/2 and flip it for one mana to keep it a 2/2. Outside of Limited, the card isn't that good but it will be a descent pick for any blue deck in draft.


The first rare card is probably my favorite in this color. Stratus Dancer is probably the card that sold me on the Megamorph mechanic for this set. A 2/1 flier for two mana is pretty solid, but when you megamorph it, you get a 3/2 flier out of nowhere that can counter an instant or sorcery spell for two mana. This card screams value. Once again a 3/2 flier is pretty good, but a creature that can counter spells is even more welcome into any blue deck. This might be one of the only morph cards that is Standard playable and for good reason.


Dragonlord's Prerogative might be another new premier draw card in Standard. Drawing four cards for six mana at instant speed is very playable. It even has a condition that you can reveal a dragon in your hand or if you control you can prevent your opponent from countering this spell. This card is pretty much just more copies of Jace's Ingenuity in control decks.

On a side note, this card and Anticipation have the opposite effects as Dig Through Time and Treasure Cruise in Khans of Tarkir. Anticipation is the common version of Dig Through Time (instead of looking at seven and picking two, you look at three and pick 1) and Dragonlord's Prerogative is the power draw spell of this set. Funny that both rare cards require double blue. Coincidence? I think not.


Finally is the only Mythic of the day. Clone Legion is a hilarious card that could see Standard play in control decks. (Big shocker). For seven colorless and double blue you can make token copies of all of your opponent's creature, which means that if they have entry effects, they all trigger. Play against Abzan, copy Siege Rhino. Temur Ascendancy, Eidolon of Blossons and Courser of Kruphix. The card is honestly ridiculous. This card is definitely Standard playable in certain decks but this card just screams Commander. Combine it with a haste enabling spell and you can kill off an opponent in a flash.

Next article, we're seeing red and I'm going to enjoy every second of it. I'm looking forward to all of the dragon support cards. If I missed any of your favorite mono blue cards (other than uncommon and rare dragons, we'll be covering them all of them at once), talk about it in the comments.


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