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Frontierville walkthrough – Four Important strategies

Updated on May 9, 2011

Frontierville is quickly becoming a new addiction for many Facebook users

First it was Farmville, then Cafeworld, but those are quickly being left behind in the dust.  If you have already started playing this addictive game, then you may have already started looking for a comprehensive Frontierville walkthrough to help you learn various tips and tricks or more importantly, strategies that will help you to level up more quickly.

Game Strategies and Tips

1.                  Get as many neighbors as possible.  Some strategies to get more neighbors include visiting a Frontierville fan page and adding friends from the list of fans.  You can post “add me” on their profile wall.  When you add someone, in the personal note, say something such as “Frontierville Neighbor” so they know exactly why you are adding them.  Make sure you don’t add too many neighbors too quickly, or your account will get flagged, this is considered “spamming”.  Neighbors are an asset in the game, they help you to earn bonuses when you visit each other.  If you can gather at least 12 neighbors, you will be able to unlock items up to at least level 15.

2.                  Subscribe to the live feeds on Facebook for Frontierville.  There are a lot of hidden bonuses in the feeds.  If you want to read your neighbor’s posts, look under “Show”? “Similar Posts” then click on the link.  This will take you directly to live feed posts created by your neighbors and they will all be in one place.  In these live feeds, you should be able to scroll through to collect bonus supplies, XP and money.  If you click on several XP bonuses, it can cause you to level up and at the same time, replenish your energy meter.

3.                  Be sure to send gifts each day, you have 30 to give away per day for free.  This is how you receive gifts (by giving them out), so when you need something, you can request it from someone you sent a gift to.  You might want to write down who you sent what to, so you it all in one place.  Sending items to people that they really need will ensure they respond to you when you make a request for something.

4.                  Get hold of a comprehensive Frontierville Walkthrough Guide.  This guide should be updated regularly to keep up with the evolution of the game which is also being updated on a regular basis.


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