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Fun Activities to do with the kids on Easter

Updated on March 15, 2016

Looking for something fun and creative to do with the kids on or around Easter? Having a large family, with lots of little kids, has made me somewhat of an expert on what to do them. These are things that you don't nessicarily have to do on Easter Sunday, if you attend services on that day, but around Easter as well. They can also be adapted to fit your own life style. It really just depends on you. I remember when I was little, my aunt started doing these things with us, and I continued and built off them, when she moved away. I really enjoy doing it, and I always make sure that I have the day off, so that I can run these activities.

Photos With the Easter Bunny

Pictures with the Easter Bunny. I know it seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people actually forget about this traditional step. I understand some kids are afraid of the main Bunny himself. Lets face it, it is the size. But there are ways around that. If there are other kids in the family (i.e. siblings or cousins) have them go in the picture with them. If not offer to go with them your self. Sometimes it really makes the difference because it is someone that they know and trust, makes them feel better about the larger then life bunny.

There are several places that you can go to have the photo done. Some of the most popular are department stores, malls, and community events. But I know in my family, we have someone dress up as the Easter Bunny and make an appearance Easter day before or after the Easter egg hunt. We don't have to pay for the pictures, like going to the store or mall. And we let all the kids in the neighborhood come and meet the bunny and get their picture taken. The costumes are pretty easy to rent, as long you plan ahead. But the photo is fun for you now, and a memory for the kids when they get older.

Easter EGG Coloring

I know this one seems obivious. But it's always a favorite, and always fun. Sure it can be messy and with little kids it is not always without stress. I found the trick to handling the stress of the mess and clean-up is to expect that there is going to be some kind of mess to clean up, before you even start to color. Kids get excited and they are not always so patient. But you can minimize the mess too. For real little kids, about ages 3-7, I put a garbage bag on the floor at their feet, and cover the table with a plastic table cloth if thats a concern. If your worried about their clothes, we make sure that we use play clothes that we don't mind if they get stained with color, or art smocks which I have used with the kids that I babysit for. Their skin, soap and water usually does the trick, but if your worried that it wont, then rubber gloves. If you use rubber gloves, just make sure that they don't submerge their hand in the water. Just put the egg in and leave it. With kids that little I make sure that myself or someone older takes the egg out of the color. For older kids, about ages 7-older, I let them help me, on top of coloring the eggs. This comes in handy if you have more then one or two little kids. They get to help you, and they feel like their older then the little kids, rather then being treated about the same age.

We always used the kits you can buy in the store. I stock up the year before after easter when they go on sale and keep them for next year. Use the big plastic cups, you would buy for picnics or camping. That way you don't worry about the color not coming out after you do them, you can throw them away or keep them for paint brush cups in the craft corner if you have one. I usually always mix my color with White Vinigar, because the colors come out really bright and vibrant. But you can us lemon juice just for traditional coloring, or water for pastels colors. Sometimes it is fun to have options. They come with the drying racks for the eggs, I hate them. They can be more of a hassel. I use the egg cartons. Its not as messing and it makes for easy storage in the fridge after.

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

What's more fun then an Easter Egg hunt? This is something that started when I was little, and we put one on every year. For the kids in the family of all ages, and for the naighborhood kids. The trick if your going to put one on yourself is to make sure that you have enough eggs and candy to fill it. I keep the eggs from the year before and replace when they get broken. And like the egg coloring kits, I stock up agian after Easter when all the holiday stuff is on sale. As for the candy...the value bags that stores have around the holidays work great. Another great idea, if you want something more then candy, small toys from the dollar store and packages of fruit snacks.

If your wondering how to keep it fun for all ages and still have it be fair, I have suggestions for that as well. When hiding the eggs, hide some out in the open or easy for younger kids. That way they are sure to find some. I toss some around the yard, to make it easy for real little kids. For older kids hide some in harder spots and up higher, there fore they have more of a challenge. At the begining of the hunt, set rules. Like reminding the older kids its okay to give the smaller ones a hand. And that the easy ones are for the smaller kids. Since usually I am the one who hides the eggs, I watch as they are found to make sure we have them all. But I also watch the older kids, and the ones who follow the rules and go out of their way to help the smaller kids I usually have a special prize for them, and the smaller kids always get a prize. I also try to keep things fair, and we try to make sure all the kids have an even amount of eggs. For this we collect all the eggs and seperate them evenly after the egg hunt.

If you don't want to put your own on check the local papers. Cause sometimes the community or a church in the area will put on an egg hunt. I have seen some charge and some that are free. But it is always fun and always worth looking into.

Bunny Tracks

Another fun activity that I learned from a friend of mine recently, is a Bunny Track Hunt. What you do is you hide a special treat or prize and essentially leave bunny tracks around the house, inside or outside, that lead to the special gift from the Easter Bunny.

Sounds Messy right? It can be, but it depends on what you make the tracks out of. I know I don't mind a bit of mess to tidy up, and honestly the fun was worth it. We gave it a try a couple of years ago, and my nephew absolutely loved it. I took a bit of flour and changed the color using glitter and art sand, and left bunny prints on the door and the counter and some on the floor. It wipes and vacuums up pretty easy, so clean up is not that bad. With the "gift from the Easter bunny", I put a note, telling my nephew happy Easter and to have fun. His face lit up and he got so excited. I had a blast watching him follow the tracks around the house.

I hope you all have a great Easter Holiday and have fun with the young children in your life. It may seem silly to you, but I know I always enjoyed the activities leading up to the Easter Holiday and on Easter itself. Please let me know what you think, and if there are any activities that maybe you do that I have not mentioned and want to share I would love to hear about them.

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