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Fun SAT Vocabulary Review: Crossword Puzzle #1

Updated on July 7, 2012

Clue 1 ACROSS: Unposed or frank

"The ______ photo showed the model without makeup."
"The ______ photo showed the model without makeup." | Source

Enhance Your Vocabulary with this SAT Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle features potential SAT words defined in the hubs Fun & Free SAT Words Starting With "A" through Fun & Free SAT Words Starting With "F."

  • For extra help solving this crossword, see the word bank beneath the clues.
  • To help prevent accidental sightings, the solution is provided beneath the links.

SAT Crossword Puzzle #1

SAT Crosswords... Making SAT practice less boring, one clue at a time.
SAT Crosswords... Making SAT practice less boring, one clue at a time.

Clue 18 ACROSS: To be indecisive

"I am known to ______ when choosing an ice-cream flavor."
"I am known to ______ when choosing an ice-cream flavor." | Source

SAT Word Clues


1 Unposed or frank; "The ______ photo showed the model without makeup."

3 Erratic; "The debutante's _________ behavior eventually drove away her suitors."

6 Twisted; "Grandma sprained her ankle on that ________ pathway."

8 Supported; "The DNA test ________ his claim of innocence."

9 Flowery; "The ______ landscape inspired romance and allergies alike."

11 Harmful; "The European agency agreed that the goo was ____________ to human health."

12 Extraordinarily bad; "No spin doctor could reframe the politician's _________ mistake."

13 A gift or blessing; "In Japan, the grim nuclear disaster has been a ____ for the coal industry."

17 Untruthful or misleading; "The __________ infomercial convinced Bud that his hair would grow."

18 To be indecisive; "I am known to ______ when choosing an ice-cream flavor."

19 To conceal; "George tried to _______ his knowledge of the attack."

20 Bitterness or discord; "An unsettled argument over Chia Pets in 1983 led to lifelong _______."

21 Terse; "Her _______ response made her disappointment clear."

Clue 13 DOWN: To coax with flattery

"The sultry secret agent Cinnamon Carter could _______  almost any man."
"The sultry secret agent Cinnamon Carter could _______ almost any man." | Source


2 Cheerful readiness; "The orphans' _________ for learning was encouraging."

4 Outlined vaguely; "He __________ a theory but admitted that it had many holes."

5 Fertile; "The land was naturally kept ______ through crop rotation."

7 Phonies, quacks; "He insisted that chiropractors were _________."

10 Keen insight; "The politician's business _______ was not matched with emotional intelligence."

11 Belittled; "She was turned off when Arnold _________ the waitstaff and left a mere $1 tip."

13 To coax through flattery; "The sultry secret agent Cinnamon Carter could ________ almost any man."

14 Picky or requiring extra care; "The birds were __________ about keeping their nest clean."

15 Lasting for a short time; "The flower's beauty was ________; it bloomed and died within a day."

16 Puzzling or mysterious; "Patty's ________ behavior ultimately made her appear foolish."

Word Bank for SAT Crossword Puzzle #1

This word bank can make completing the SAT crossword much easier. Here are the answer words in alphabetical order. The solution to the crossword puzzle appears beneath the links below.

You can click on the blue words for detailed definitions, sample sentences and sample SAT problems.


More SAT Vocabulary Practice

Solution to SAT Crossword #1


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