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Fun String Team Building Activity For Kids, Teens, and Adults - Strung Together

Updated on January 2, 2016

Whether you are working with groups of 9 year olds or 90 year olds, this team building activity idea is sure to help break the ice. This activity is great on the first day of camps, retreats, classes, or workshops to help participants get to know each other a bit better (or perhaps a lot better...). So, take a gander and see if this group activity will work for your lucky, unsuspecting group!

Group Size: 20 or more people

Have everyone form a closed circle, about arms length away from each other. One by one, each person will thread rope tied to the end of a wooden spoon up and down through their clothes. One person will begin by threading the wooden spoon through their shirt and pants, starting at the neck, going through their shirt, and then down through their pants, and out at one of the legs. The 2nd person standing next to the beginner will then thread the spoon and rope up through their clothes, starting at the bottom of their pant leg, up through their pants, up through their shirt, and out at their neck. The 3rd person will repeat what the beginner did, and so the rope and spoon will thread up and down each person, connecting the entire circle with the rope.

Its fun to divide everyone into 2 groups to create a little bit of friendly competition and see which group can finish first, with every member threaded. Once the last group has finished, award the winning team with a few pairs of scissors. As the winning team, they get the privilege of cutting themselves free first!


  • 1 wooden spoon for each group
  • 1 spool of rope or string for each group - long enough to allow 6 ft per person participating, no smaller than the thickness of kite string
  • tape - to make sure the rope stays tied to the spoon
  • scissors - to cut everybody loose at the end of the activity (you don't want everybody to try to unthread themselves all over again!)


Tie the end of the rope or string to the wooden spoon/s and secure with tape.

My Experience:

I have done this activity with a group of about 75 teenagers at the beginning of a sports summer camp. Some campers knew each other, and some didn't know anybody, so it was important that the campers get to know each other and blend. I gathered everyone outside on a large lawn because I knew that they would need a large space to do the activity. Since there was a larger number of people, I decided to split the activity up into 3 groups for the competition.

Phase 1 of the activity was for the large group to get in one long line, in order of their birthdays. The catch was that they had to do this without speaking to each other. This took about 3 minutes.

Phase 2 involved counting off by 3 along down the line. Everyone in group 1 gathered to the left, group 2 gathered in the middle of the lawn, and group 3 gathered to the right.

Phase 3 got down to the activity. I asked everyone to circle up with their group, gave each group a spoon and string, explained the game plan, and blew the starting whistle!


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