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Fun Team Building Hula Hoop Activity for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Updated on October 5, 2011

Group Size: 10 or more people

During this team building exercise, have everyone in the group stand in a circle and hold hands with the people standing beside them.

Grab one (decently sized) hula hoop and have two people reach through the hula hoop and clasp hands so that their arms are going through the hula hoop.

Now, the goal of this exercise is to pass the hula hoop all the way around the circle without anyone ever unclasping hands.

In order to pass the hoop around the circle, people will have to duck and climb through the hoop as it comes to them, so they can pass it on to the person beside them (techniques typically differ...).

If you are working with a large enough group, it's fun to divide the group in half so that the activity becomes a contest of who can get the hula hoop around the circle the fastest.

This activity could also take on a Musical Chair-like quality if you add fun, fast, music. Whenever the music stops, reverse the direction the hoop is taking around the circle, or have whoever is touching the hoop at that time leave the circle.


  • One hula hoop for every group - Minimum
  • Music - Optional

*If you really wanna mix things up a bit, add additional hula hoops at opposite ends of each circle

Pre-Prep Time:

None! :D

My Experience:

I got to be a lucky participant in this activity during a summer camp when I was in high school. There were 2 groups of us, in circles of about 10-15 people of all ages. We started out with one hula hoop, and when it got about halfway around the circle, the staff put another hoop into each circle that was much smaller than the first! That added another fun element into the mix. There were no major hiccups and nobody got hurt. This is a fairly safe activity. 

This is basically what you will do in this activity...just kidding...


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    • profile image

      Niamh 7 years ago

      Just found the video, it is cirque du soleil, it's called alegria hula hoops :)

    • profile image

      Niamh 7 years ago

      Cool ideas and I absolutely loved the video at the end, where's it from? I would guess some kind of cirque du soleil thing, perhaps?