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Fun Thomas and Friends Videos

Updated on October 21, 2012


Thomas and Friends Videos
Thomas and Friends Videos

Top 5 Thomas and Friends Videos

Children love watching Thomas and Friends videos, and they give valuable lessons to children.

While Thomas and his friends go about their daily lives, they experience problems, frustrations and irritations. Sometimes they are scheming or want pay-back, sometimes they are reaching out to others and wanting to make new friends.Children watch as the characters interact with each other and have to sort out any trouble that may arise.

Whatever is happening the characters respond in a child-like manner and children understand. From this, children learn how they can deal with problems, to accept someone who is different to themselves and when it is appropriate to say sorry and thankyou. Children are learning about the meaning of friendship through play and having fun: a great way for them to learn.

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Henry is the Number 3 engine and is very good at pulling both coaches and trucks.

Henry usually gets on well with the other engines and although at times he can be vain and arrogant, is usually remorseful when proven wrong.

No 1 Top Thomas Movie

Hero of the Rails is a Great Movie To Watch

This story is about Thomas and his friends, as they work together and help each other to search out and rescue a new friend.

This movie is a favourite among children and contains action packed scenes. This movie will also encourage and teach your children about being helpful and friendly towards other people and that it is kind to help others.

This DVD is animated, dubbed and in a widescreen format. A movie that is well worth watching!


No 2 Top Thomas Movie

Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas Collection
Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas Collection

This is in an Amazon Instant Video format that you can easily stream and view the video, and is available for rental or purchase


No 2. Thomas and Friends: Ultimate Christmas Collection

Thinking of a great Christmas gift for some Thomas the Tank Engine fans? Now here is the new Christmas collection of Thomas and Friends wishing you a very happy Christmas. This collection includes all of the favorite and popular Thomas and Friends videos and episodes.

No 3. Thomas and Friends: Day of the Diesels

This Story is about Bullying and how to stop it and get away from it.

Here is another Thomas and friends DVD that your children will love. Some say it’s a bit scary for toddlers but still there are many viewers who still enjoy watching the movie with their children.

If you think that this movie is a bit scary and terrifying for your toddlers, just make sure to watch it with them so you can guide them while watching and explain to them everything that is happening.

This is a good way to teach your children about bullying and that it is bad and should not be done to them or others.


The Nature of Diesel

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Diesel can be a devious diesel engine, who is always ready to stir up trouble. Initially he came to the Island of Sodor for a trial run, to help Duck.

When Diesel tried to cover up a mistake, he spread some mean rumours that had to be sorted out by The Fat Controller. Over time Diesel has become much more agreeable with the other engines.

Thomas is the Favourite.

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Who is The Fat Controller?

The Fat Controller is also known to the fans of Thomas the Tank Engine, as “Sir Topham Hatt”. He is the one assigned to manage all the engines and to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

It is his responsibility to take good care of the engines and maintain harmony and order. He also makes sure that the tasks given to each of the engines are done properly, according to what he has instructed them.

What is The Fat Controller's Persona?

He is short, stout, firm, strict, fatherly, strong, serious, does not bully around and has an outstanding laugh. He has a thin grey hair and blue eyes. He always wears a black suit with grey trousers, a yellow-coloured waistcoat, black tie and a top hat on his head.

When he gives an order, all the engines obey him and respect him.

No 4. Thomas and Friends: Schoolhouse Delivery

The Hero's Welcome

This DVD is great for all children as they learn about relationships and responsibility just like Percy did.

It is the start of school and there is so much to learn on the Island of Sodor. Diesel receives a hero's welcome for his delivery to the schoolhouse. He was recognised as the train that took responsibility for what happened and that it was all done on time.

Thomas the Tank Engine's Friend Spencer

Spencer's Character

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Spencer is the Number 25 Engine on the Island of Sodor. He is an arrogant engine and tries to outshine the other engines. He doesn't like to listen to advice and is often in competition with Thomas and the other engines.

No 5. Thomas and Friends: The Greatest Stories

Thomas & Friends: The Greatest Stories (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Thomas & Friends: The Greatest Stories (Two-Disc Special Edition)

This DVD set is so much fun to watch and will encourage your child with his imagination in the wonderful world of Thomas and his friends.


The Greatest Stories DVD Set

Experience the Magical World of the Island of Sodor

With this set, you can also create your own personalized Thomas and friends’ story together with different games, character sing-along and music videos. This DVD set also comes with coloring pages which your child can enjoy and have fun with.

It has 20 episodes of Thomas and friends that even parents recommend for kids to watch enjoy and learn. It is great for both old and new Thomas and friends fans.

Thomas' Favourite Movies

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