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Fun Ways To Use An Airsoft Gun

Updated on April 3, 2011

Alternative Uses For Airsoft Guns

I was recently introduced to airsoft guns by a good friend of mine. While he is very into airsoft competitions i prefer to use them as a fun relaxing hobby of sorts. Its pretty fun to just plink away and enjoy the day. However like anything i do i have found good alternative ideas and uses for airsoft guns

Teach Kids Gun Safety- I have to small children ages 5 and 3 1/2. They are both very interested in guns and i would love to teach them about gun safety and let them shoot my guns with me,but a real gun is to powerful and still to dangerous to let them use.

The airsoft gun however gives them the same effect while being much safer to instruct them on proper gun safety. Pus it lets them see the destructive power of a gun. this something i think is important to because once children know guns are not toys or fun things but a weapon that needs to be taken seriously they are less likely to mess around with them.

Pest Control- I recently had a big wasps nest in my front yard tree. I would walk out at 5 am and they would be covering the front of my house to get the warmth of the porch light. I had to start going out the back door to leave for work. They would be buzzing around my yard all day and i got stung a few times when cutting the grass. I tried to spray the nest it but proved ineffective. I tried internet remedies but nothing nothing worked. I felt like I was a prisoner in my own home!

Then a light bulb went off in my head, i got my trusty well MP-7 with extra capacity magazine and blew a tennis ball sized hole in the side of the nest. After the wasps settled down and stopped swarming i calmly shot a can of raid wasp and hornet killer into the heart of the nest effectively killing them all in seconds. Again the airsoft proves it worth in this situation!

A Great Stress Reducer- Sometimes i just get wiggeed out and need to blow off some steam. A great way to do this is to take the airsoft gun out back and shoot for a little bit. Old soda cans work great as do paper targets. Time actually passes fairly quickly when you are focused on shooting and adjusting the hop up of your airsoft gun. It beats drinking or letting stress build up until i wind up in a bad mood. Plus I can include my kids in it and spend some fun time with them.

I may slowly venture into some serous airsoft activities like airsoft tournaments or battles but for now i am rather enjoying having fun with my airsoft gun.


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      bloonjumn 4 years ago

      When i utilized to find high on life nevertheless these days I have built up a resistance.

    • profile image

      asdfDUSTY 5 years ago

      Nice. gonna go do that right now.

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      air soft guns 6 years ago

      The airsoft guns look like the original gun when seen from a distance. Therefore, it is important not to brandish these guns in the public places as that may create panic. Having fun using the airsoft guns should be in a controlled manner.

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      12345 6 years ago


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      Epic.Failer 8 years ago

      nice ideas