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7 Fun and Creative Pool Toys for Kids

Updated on August 2, 2017
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A former teacher and tutor, Kenna enjoys helping children live a better life, understanding the importance of helping them become leaders.

Pool Toys

Finding fun and creative pool activities for kids easy if you know where to look for some really fun stuff.

After they play Marco Polo, bring the pool toys out and see how much fun they can have. Some of the toys listed below will take up most of the pool’s space, but well worth the adventure.

1. Water Wheel

This is a very creative pool toy for kids, and I bet it burns up their energy quick. They will be sleeping really well after a day of playing in the pool with this toy.

Kids set in the middle of the wheel and turn the wheel. It can go pretty fast, so I am guessing some kids may get a little dizzy from the spinning. The manufacturer recommends an electric pump to inflate and deflate the wheel. Adult supervision is advised.

2. Aviva Saturn Rocker

The rolling water ball looks like kids can really get creative, whipping the pool toy in the water like a sea saw. Kids need a partner to play with the toy, which is a cool way for kids to bond and become friends.

I wonder if the two kids need to be of compatible body height and weight. Either way, it looks like so much fun. Thank you, Emily, for bringing this to my attention.

3. Aqua Climb

I like this pool toy because it mixes swimming with rock climbing. If you slip and fall while climbing, you will just cool off in the pool.

The toy is not cheap and costs well over five thousand dollars, but I am hoping in the near future the cost will go down. It’s a creative idea for recreational swimming. It looks like you can only get them at Toxel.

4. Nuclear Globe

Oh, my gosh, this looks like so much fun. It is expensive for a pool tool. As long as you use it, it is worth the fee. Thank you, Brittany, for bringing this to my attention.

Check out this video below. The kids are having fun, and you would need a pretty large pool to play safe with this toy.

5. Aqua Rocker

Kids are going to have fun with Aqua Rocker. It takes two kids to enjoy it as they rock back and forth in the pool. As an adult, I might try it on my own and see if I can rock back and forth by myself.

You can get them at Walmart or Amazon.

6. Inflatable Balls

Giant Swan

My niece and nephew enjoyed this in their pool last summer. They had a kick floating on such a big bird. My sister-in-law bought a Kohl's for $30.00. She thought it was a great deal. Calling this pool toy a giant swan is nothing but the truth. It is huge. I know the picture shows a girl on the toy. It is big enough to hold a man, too.

These pool tools are so much fun. The kids are going to be busy for hours and hours. Just make sure your pool doesn’t get overcrowd with toys.

© 2017 Kenna McHugh


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      Amirmadrid 29 10 months ago

      I have something I guess it's old money from 1320's I want know the value of it?

    • Kenna McHugh profile image

      Kenna McHugh 10 months ago from Northern California

      Great time to check out these pool toys, summer is coming.