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12 Pool Toys and Floats for Kids

Updated on November 25, 2019
Kenna McHugh profile image

A former teacher and tutor, Kenna enjoys helping children live a better life, understanding the importance of helping them become leaders.


Summer Activities for Kids

Finding fun and creative pool activities for my kids is quite an adventure for me. I consider cost and how easy the toys work with the size of our pool. I am amazed at the variety and price range.

In all, every summer, I bring out a couple of new pool toys and watch the kids have a ton of fun. Some of the toys listed need a large area of water and will take up most of any pool’s surface, but well worth the adventure. Of course, the larger ones are more costly.

In my list, I purchased some of these toys, but not all of them. For example, I have included the Aqua Climb, but I didn't get it because of the cost and setup. I make sure I get cool pool toys that kids will enjoy and can use safely.

1. Water Wheel

A very creative pool toy for kids, and it burns up their energy quick. My kids sleep well after a day of playing in the pool with the Water Wheel.

Kids sit in the middle of the wheel and turn the wheel using their body weight. It goes pretty fast, and some kids get a little dizzy from the spinning. The manufacturer recommends an electric pump to inflate and deflate the wheel. Adult supervision is a good idea. In the video, the kids need more practice before it's fun.


2. Aviva Saturn Rocker

My kids got creative with the Saturn Rocker. They whipped around in the pool as a sea-saw. My kids partnered up while some played with it on their own. My daughter and her friend played on it for hours - a cool way for kids to bond and develop friendships. The girls are compatible in height and weight. That is important. Either way, it looks like the girls had a great time.

I tried it on my own and decided it wasn't for me.


3. Aqua Climb

I like this pool toy because it mixes swimming with rock climbing. If you slip and fall while climbing, you fall and cool off in the pool.

The toy costs well over five thousand dollars, but I am hoping its cost will go down. It’s a creative idea for recreational swimming. It looks like they are set up at public pools or fancy hotels. I am sure some campgrounds have invested in one or two for their members. The toy is a lot of fun, but too big for my pool.

4. Nuclear Globe

Oh, my gosh, I want this pool toy. It is expensive for a pool toy. If you have room for it, it is worth the price. When I tried it, I was nervous at first. I got used to it and relaxed. I went all over the pool, and our pool seemed very small. I only borrowed the globe to try it. I am not interested in buying one because our pool is not big enough to enjoy it fully.

You can take the Nuclear Globe to a lake or any large body of water and have a great time.


5. Aqua Rocker

Aqua Rocker is a kids' pool toy. Two kids need to be on it. One on each end, so it rocks back and forth in the water. They use their body weight, getting the inflatable toy to move in the water. I might try it on my own and see if I can rock it by myself.

The only thing is that the two kids need to be similar in weight. If one weighs more than the other, the lighter kid will fall off, and it will not rock back and forth.

Which Pool Toy Do You Like the Best?

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6. Inflatable Balls

Though I didn't try it in my pool, my friend had them in his pool. We had so much fun with the balls. The video says it all.


7. Giant Swan

My niece and nephew enjoyed their giant swan in their pool and had a great time floating on such a big bird. My sister-in-law found one on sale for $30.00. She thought it was a great deal, and we all tried. Calling this pool toy, a giant swan is nothing but the truth. It is huge. I know the picture shows a girl on the toy, but it is big enough to hold a man. I tried it for about 10 minutes and got bored.

8. Bull-Riding Inflatable Pool Float

I noticed the rubber is thicker than other inflatables, so the bull endured all the beatings and thrashings. The price wasn't too bad. We joke around, talking about having a bull in our pool. You will have a wild time with this inflatable bull. All ages have a great time, including teenagers, adults, and even little kids. My kids had fun competing against each other. My husband and I enjoyed riding the bull, and the kids were on it longer than us.


9. Floating Hoops Basketball Game

The floating hoops basketball game is perfect for young kids and teenagers. The idea is to play a game of basketball in the pool with two or more players. Six players per game will work best. Any more and someone might get hurt like an elbow in the eye. We blew up the hoop, and it floats. The basketball had issues. We replaced the ball with a weighty and more durable basketball. It is easier to control, and it floats. My kids played HORSE. That took some time and kept the kids busy. They played until late in the afternoon. This particular floating basketball hoop prices at Amazon for $5.99 to $9.99. There are others around $15.00. The more durable ones are more expensive.

10. Aqua Monterey Multi-Purpose Inflatable Hammock

I purchased two of these inflatable rafts for our pool, and I am so glad I did because they are so easy to pack. They are flat before inflating them, so they pack without taking up a lot of room in the suitcase. We took them to the beach at Lake Tahoe. They were perfect. Once my kids were on them, I couldn't get them off. They held spontaneous races.

My husband and I snagged them back as soon as we could. The float allows your body to sink a little into the water, which is refreshing. It's perfect for a hot summer day. People were asking me where I got the rafts because we looked so comfortable. The netted material separates the two inflated pillows and helps you move through the water. I consider it the best float device because it's light enough to move through the water using my arms.

Amazon photos show how much fun the Aqua Ball is.
Amazon photos show how much fun the Aqua Ball is.

11. Aqua Ball

I visited my brother's house and discovered this incredible basic pool toy that is so much fun. My niece and nephew called it the Aqua Ball. It is for teenagers or adults, not little kids.

You can pass, kick, bounce, and even dribble the ball underwater. We hugged the ball and did cannonballs into the pool, and we did throw, catch, and dive.

12. Light-up Water Balls

My kids play with the lights in the pool at night and outside. They take them into their rooms at night and make up fun games with each other. My kids even take them into the bathtubs, making sure bathroom light is off.

The light-up balls need batteries, so have extras around the house because the kids will light them up all the time. Each ball has a button you can switch, so the colors cycle through or rotate.

When you purchase these light-up balls, you need to check and make sure they work right away. I purchased some that didn't work and received a refund. The balls can break if they are thrown too hard and hit anything solid.

Children's Safety

As I said, I did not get all these pool toys but shopped around and bought a couple of them. I recommend you do the same.

Every pool needs inflatable toys. It's the only way to keep the kids busy, outside, and in the pool during the summer.

I advise you to get the ones that are affordable and feel comfortable using based on the ages of the children using the pool. Each pool toy adds a lot of fun. They keep kids busy in the pool for hours and hours. Just make sure your pool doesn’t get overcrowded with toys. Safety is a concern at my house, so we keep the pool toys on deck if the kids are not using them.

I need to stress the importance of adult supervision, and never swim in a pool alone. At my house, we have a buddy system, so everyone stays safe.

© 2017 Kenna McHugh


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      Amirmadrid 29 

      2 years ago

      I have something I guess it's old money from 1320's I want know the value of it?

    • Kenna McHugh profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenna McHugh 

      2 years ago from Northern California

      Great time to check out these pool toys, summer is coming.


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