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Fun and Free Browser Based Games

Updated on June 7, 2012
Dragons of Atlantis-Water Outpost
Dragons of Atlantis-Water Outpost

Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is a Kabaam game aimed largely at Facebook gamers. It is an RTS based around the concept of building a city, farming mats to build more cities, and defending from or attacking other players to prevail. What makes this game more interesting than many of the other Sim City/Evony inspired creations is the fact that each city is focused around a specific dragon. You farm a dragon egg and it's gear to get a city up and running for each dragon and get it armed for battle. While the game is free-to-play it doesn't hurt to have a little extra cash to put into the game. It is not uncommon for a few people on each server to spend and bot their way to victory. This is why I personally stopped playing after about two weeks. However, it is visually more striking than many similar games and I feel like the game does have something to offer to certain gamers.

Dragons of Atlantis- Cheats and Tricks

Crystal Saga

Mario themed games excluded, I've never been a huge fan of cutesy games. However, despite the goofy huge-headed characters, sunny locales and happy to die mobs, I still find the R2games, Crystal Saga, to be an oddly addicting, fun and most importantly, free browser game. Questing is easy and fast with a sophisticated auto-tracking feature. You have the ability to own a pet, travel around on a mount, gank a slacking party member and do pretty much all the things you're used to doing in your usual MMORPGs without bogging down your computer's memory. Furthermore, this game is simple and sweet enough for children. If you are interested in getting your child started in a game, this may be a good solution.

Dead Frontier

Few things are more gratifying than killing zombies. As a fan of the Left 4 Dead series you will surely see some similarities in Dead Frontier. However, this game offers up much more durable zombies that actually take a little more skill to mow down. You can customize your character to suit your style and then you're off to shoot, stab and bludgeon an army of creepy undead.

The West

The West, by InnoGames, allows you to create as awnry or nice of a character as you desire. My character is a whiskey drinking nun with an eye patch, just to give you an idea. The West reminds me a lot of those computer games I used to play as a child. You interact and get quests from still images. You can enter gun fights with nearby NPCs or players who wonder too close. You can also work on various tasks, like attaching spurs to boots, to improve your dueling skills. While this game may be a little mellow for some, I see it as a fun game to play while you're studying or working. Something that doesn't take a lot of energy but breaks up the monotony of some less savory chore you're working on.


This fun and free browser game by RedMoon Studios is exactly as described by the title, you dig..... and you fight. In this world you are god and the imps are your minions. You can train imps to dig resources for you, defend your area or attack nearby players. While it is a little difficult to get a handle on initially it helps to realize the little imp in the left, upper hand corner is going to help you out. While this is a common tactic, it is harder to see in this game due to the ad placement that is literally inside the game interface, something I'm not terribly fond of but hey... they have to make money somehow on these free games.


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