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Fun and Games Missions - Asteroid Stage - Solar 2

Updated on November 9, 2013

This Solar 2 walkthrough and strategy guide covers the asteroid stage Fun and Games missions. Within this guide you will find strategies and tactics along with playthrough videos showing these tasks being performed in real time.

The Fun and Games series of missions in Solar 2 tests your skills at maneuvering your asteroid, tasked with dodging a series of volatile hazards that threaten your existence.

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Tips For These Missions

Make sure you have the path key turned on for all three of these levels. As an asteroid, these tasks are probably where having the lines showing you the route you need to take to avoid the various hazards you face prove to be the most useful. Dying in any of these missions will force you to restart the level you were on.

Fun And Games 1

The first level in this chain has you dodging four missiles testing your skills at leading these explosives into other nearby objects in order to get them off your tail. Missiles will approach you from the left and right side of the screen with one pair spawned on each side, so start out traveling up or down on the screen before you can even see them. If you remain still until they are visible on your screen you are likely to be destroyed before building enough speed to avoid being hit.

The path key in this mission allows you to have an easier time of losing these missiles by showing you the direction they are coming from even if not visible on your screen by drawing a direct line from their location connecting to your asteroid. You want to “break” these lines by positioning yourself so a planet, asteroid or star is underneath the white line. If done right, the missiles will collide directly with said object.

Leading some missiles into a planet in Fun and Games 2.
Leading some missiles into a planet in Fun and Games 2.

Fun And Games 2

Same as the first level, just more missiles, 40 to be exact. All the tactics and strategies are the same as the first time around with the exception of a greater challenge posed. Planets and Stars are going to be your priority since these can take multiple missiles out at once, whereas asteroids will only take out 1 missile each.

Dodging stars in Fun and Games level 3 in Solar 2.
Dodging stars in Fun and Games level 3 in Solar 2.

Fun And Games 3

Now the challenge really kicks up a notch, switching the objects thrown at you from a batch of missiles to a series of Stars you will need to continuously dodge for 20 seconds. The tactics in this level really switch up, since now you are dealing with a constant spawn of objects with gravity wells that can affect your movement by simply passing next to you.

Your best bet here is to make a zigzag pattern, switching directions about every second, as it takes a second for a new Star to spawn and they always seem to spawn traveling in the direction you were headed in at the time. If you find a nearby solar system, it might help you out as a semi barrier however you should avoid trying to travel too fast or far as a moderate speed is more helpful when it comes to the constant switching of directions you must do.

Fun and Games Missions – Video Walkthrough


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