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Card Game Tips for Card Parties

Updated on May 31, 2016

Fun Party Game Ideas

When having a "card party" there can be music playing at a moderate level. And having a sandwich platter for the party guess would be a good idea as well. For the card table, you may want to put a cute tablecloth on it, if you choose. Card games for parties can be played by two or multiple players. There you have it; music, cut sandwiches, chips, drinks, and a fun card game makes for a card party.

Two people that are on a 'romantic date' can play card games as an activity to keep the boredom away. Other games to play at a card party would be; limbo and karaoke. Card games can be played at other party settings also. Other party settings to play card games:

  • Birthday parties
  • House-warming parties
  • Pajama parties
  • House parties
  • Baby showers
  • Family game night
  • Tea parties
  • etc.

Fun Easy Card Games

◊ Uno

◊ Spades

◊ Bingo


◊ Memory

◊ Solitaire

◊ Old Maid

◊ Go Fish

◊ 21 Black Jack

◊ I Declare War

◊ Rummy 500 (Gin rummy)

◊ Scrabble Slam

Teaching the elderly people to play easy card games will help keep their memory sharp. Another card game is the 'Trivia Pursuit' game, this game is all about trivia, and it contains many cards with trivia questions. Some of the categories of the trivia pursuit game are: sports, television, history, art, literature, and other cool topics.

© Sabrina A.K.

Fun Easy Card Games
Fun Easy Card Games

Watch this video - Playing Gin Rummy


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