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Fun thanksgiving games for kids

Updated on November 10, 2009
Thanksgiving games for kids
Thanksgiving games for kids

Thanksgiving is a special time where family and friends gather to celebrate all the things they're thankful for. If you've got little ones, you might be looking for ways to keep them entertained during this holiday. Below you'll find a variety of fun Thanksgiving games for kids. Other thanksgiving games you can think up to keep your children busy are thanksgiving themed crosswords, word searches and card games.

There are hundreds of interesting ideas for thanksgiving games are available on the internet. I have listed some of my favorite Thanksgiving games for kids below.

1. Fun thanksgiving family photographer game:

Thanksgiving kids photographer game
Thanksgiving kids photographer game

One interesting game idea is to challenge your kids to take photos with family and friends in a fun exciting way. Family gatherings can sometimes be difficult for kids and need a challenge. This Thanksgiving game for kids involves interaction with other family members on various levels.

This game can be played in a number of different ways. Hand out a digital camera to the kids. If you have only one camera, you have to get creative in getting this going in an orderly fashion. Encourage the kids to around the house and take pictures with as many people as possible and whoever takes the most pictures with people at the event wins a prize.

2. Fun Thanksgiving dinner memory game:

Make the kids sit in a circle. The first kid starts by saying, at Thanksgiving dinner I ate Turkey. The next kid in the circle must repeat this and adds another dish, for example, at my thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey and pie. The third player must repeat it and add yet another dish, like, at thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey, pie, and salad. The game continues with each player adding an item to the menu after first listing all the previous items they were first said. If a player makes a mistake he drops out and the game continues until there is just one person left. This is a simple yet fun Thanksgiving game for kids.

3. Fun Thanksgiving pumpkin racing game for kids:

Thanksgiving pumpkin racing game
Thanksgiving pumpkin racing game

Pumpkin races are a classic autumn game for all ages. You'll need a bunch pf pumpkins and long sticks. You can use medium sized pumpkins for this thanksgiving game.

Here's the game idea: Have the contestants push or roll the pumpkins to the finish line using the sticks. The person whose pumpkin gets there first wins. For small kids, instead of using sticks, they should use hands to push the pumpkin.

4. Thanksgiving pin the feather on the turkey:

Pin the feather on the turkey game
Pin the feather on the turkey game

This game is a variation of the classic game Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a Thanksgiving theme. In this variation, a large picture of a turkey, a feather with double sided tape on it, and a blindfold is all that is needed. Each player will take turns being blindfolded, then try to stick the feather on the turkey at the right location. The person who gets closest to their intended target wins the game.

5. Fun thanksgiving guess who game:

One participant choose a name of an animal and other kids attempt to guess it. They are permitted to compose only general questions and not more than 20 of them. If the children couldn't manage to name the animal after 20 questions the leader gets a prize. And the new leader is chosen. This game is better to organize when children are having their festival dinner.

6. Fun thanksgiving turkey hunt for kids

For this fun Thanksgiving game for kids, all you'll need is a few kids and a small toy turkey. Have one kid leave the room, and the rest of the children hide the turkey. Then, the one kid must hunt for the turkey in the room in a specified period of time. There are different variations and you can get creative by changing the format of this game to make it more interesting.

What is your favorite thanksgiving game for kids?

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    • profile image

      trinity 5 years ago

      I love thanksgiving

    • profile image

      jakalyn 5 years ago

      i want to play some thanksgiving games because it is THANKSGINING

    • profile image

      samsung 3d tv 7 years ago

      Thanksgiving is fun and I always wanted my son to have fun the most! Well, I liked your hub precisely for two things

      1. I have a son and this hub helped me solve a few of my son's games issue.

      2. You have a great writing style.

      I am looking forward to some more such hubs.