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FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup - Puppy Prices, Reviews, Hasbro

Updated on October 3, 2011

On this page I take a look at Cookie My Playful Pup. This is the latest in the Furreal Friends line of toys from Hasbro. I will review the toy, look at where you can buy online and also take a look at Hasbro Furreal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup prices. Then we will also take a quick look at some of the other Furreal friends that are on offer from Hasbro. This page will basically tell you everything you need to know about Cookie Puppy.

It is predicted that Cookie My Playful Pup will be one of the biggest selling toys over the Christmas period. These Furreal friends toys are already an established name in the toy market and no doubt this addition to the collection will delight children the world over. So now let’s take a closer look at the toy and find out what exactly you can expect it you purchase one of these.

What Does Cookie Do?

If like me and so many other people, you are not ready for a real dog, then Cookie could be for you. The idea here is that a child can have the next best thing to a real dog, I was genuinely impressed by what this toy can do.

So now you can see exactly what Cookie looks like, what can you expect from this toy? Well the idea behind the vast majority of the Furreal friends toys is that they are interactive. In other words you get more than just a stuffed toy. So this time as you can see we are dealing with a cute white dog. The dog is smaller than some of the other toys in the line, this one comes in at about 14 inches tall. The dog is light and as you would expect very cuddly and soft. The idea behind this is that as well as being an interactive toy it is also one that your child can cuddle up to.

What makes Cookie My Playful Pup so special is the way she responds when I touch her or talk to her. If I stroke the puppy it will respond with playful yelps of delight. When I scratch her behind the ears and she will rub her head on my hand. When I talk to Cookie she will respond by talking back to me, in doggy speak of course. Then if I stroke her for long enough she will actually fall asleep.

Hasbro have taken care to make this toy as life like as possible. The movement that the dog has is very life like and fluid, there is no mechanical awkwardness that you get from some older toys. I was not overly impressed with the little rubber bone that comes with the toy, when placed in the mouth she will chew on this, I get the feeling though that when a child owns this they will soon lose the bone. Along with all the sounds the puppy makes she also wags her tail, moves her legs and lies down.

Prices & Where To Buy Online

So now I have told you all about this lovely little toy, where exactly can you get hold of one? As mentioned there is sure to be a big demand for these over Christmas so best to get in there early. The best place to buy Cookie My Playful Pup online is no doubt Amazon, the prices here are very reasonable and they always have plenty available. The Price for one of these toys comes in at around $60 which is not a bad price when you think that you are getting an interactive toy that should last a while.

These toys are aimed at children aged four years and upwards. They take 4 C batteries which are included when you buy the toys. As mentioned earlier you also get the little bone included when you buy one of these. Overall then I would say that the Furreal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup from Hasbro is pretty good value and a very nice little toy.

Other Hasbro Furreal Friends

So now we have had a look at cookie I thought we could also check out a few other Furreal Friends that Hasbro have brought out over the years. First up then we have Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat. A very popular one with little girls, similar to Cookie in that she is very cuddly and there are plenty of ways to interact with her.

If you want a slightly cheaper option then Furreal Friends Black & White Kitty may well be for you. This is smaller than the other toys and yet still does much the same thing. This kitty will walk along and meow and purr away to her hearts content. This one does not interact quite as well as the others but it is still a very loveable little toy that children will love.

If you want a toy that will do exactly what you tell it to then opt for the GoGo My Walkin Pup. This cute little pup is controlled by remote at the end of it’s leash, so it will walk in which ever direction you point it. Great fun for kids who like toys that move around, plus he barks and wags his tale as he walks.

There are lots of other Furreal Friends toys as you can see from some of the product links over on the right. All of these toys are great fun for little children and will no doubt delight them. The prices of some of the older toys have also come down recently so now is a very good time to pick up a bargain before Christmas. Hopefully the review of Cookie My Playful Pup will have proven useful and now you know a little bit more about these toys.


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