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Furreal Lulu's Walkin Kitty: Kids Toys and Games

Updated on April 15, 2011

Have a little one that want's a kitty cat but you to afraid of how rough a child will be to a real kitty. The FurReal Friends Lulu's Walking Kitty is a really realistic kitty that walks to you, purrs, meows and even kneads her paws when she is super happy. This is another great toy from Hasbro that is safe for kids of all ages. This toy is selling out in walmarts and targets and usually retails for about $19.99 from what I'm seeing. This toy also great because their is no litter box or vet calls.  Theirs a all white and a white and orange one.  The white and orange is going fast because it doesn;t get as dirty that's why it's a harder to find toy.

Customer Reviews of Lulu's Walking Kitty

Customers love this toy.  They say their kids are playing with it for hours and it has gotten " their kids off their back about getting a kitty cat"  Another person wrote I love not having to clean a litter box or buy food for it.  It's also rated as a real durable toy for kids and it can take a "beating " one parent said after their 5 year old had it.


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