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Furry Frenzy

Updated on August 19, 2010

Furry Frenzy Pets as seen on tv

So when I was getting ready for work today I saw a new infomercial for a product that looked like Zhu Zhu Pets but instead of being fun and furry hamsters they turned out to be a huge selection of animals.  These new trendy toys are called Furry Frenzy Pets or Furry Frenzies.  

Furry Frenzy pets are small furry animals that run around on tracks and follow each other.  They come in animal shapes like a rabbit or my favorite the Furry Frenzies Captain Crash which is the cutest little racoon Furry Frenzies animal.  Other popular Furry Frenzies animals include dash mcflash the hedgehog, Buster Bow wow the dalmatian, Flurry in a Hurry Bunny, Senora Scamps which looks like a seriously cute Chinchilla and Zippy Zip McNut the Squirrel Furreal Frenzies pet. 

Since Furry Freznies and Furry Frenzy Pets are always running around and become your child's new best friend, your kids are going to need something to carry them around in as well as keep them running in so they don't get all over the floor and you step or slip on them.  That is why Furreal Friends created the Furreal Frenzies pets whirl around playgrounds and carrying cases. 

The Furry Frenzy Wheel Around Playground is the most popular Furreal Frenzy pet playground.  Next to that you also have the Furry Frenzies city center playground which I think is the Furry Frenzies track from the commercial.  After your furry frenzy gets tired of running around all day and on their tracks you can then put it in the Furry Frenzies take along carrier so that your child's new best friend can sleep sound and tight while he or she brings him home for the night. 

The commercial was cute watching all of the Furry Frenzies animals running around on the tracks.  The 3D animation was also cute and if Furry Frenzies can take off as well as the Zhu Zhu pet did than the owner of these adorable little animal shaped toys are going to be a huge hit in schools and homes everywhere.  Although Furry Frenzy pets aren't a replacement for a real pet, they certainly are a cute pet for children who are old enough to play with them.


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